Should You Have A Multi-Family Yard Sale Or A Private Garage Sale?

multi-family-yard-sale.jpg When it comes to neighborhood yard sales, I’ve always wondered if it’s better to take advantage of all the free advertising they do for you…

Or, if you should take the time to write your own ads, hang your own signs, and pick your own date.

I’ve had both, but I seem to have had more success when my personal garage sale was tied in with a neighborhood-wide yard sale event.

Here’s what I’ve learned…


Neighborhood Yard Sales vs Going It Alone

I’ve done it both ways, and I think that community garage sales are better than simply posting an ad in the paper and hoping people will come to your private yard sale.

On the plus side, with community garage sales you’re pretty much guaranteed a slew of traffic throughout most of the day!

The downside is that you’ve got so much close competition. Especially if your house isn’t one of the first in the subdivision or on the “main” route through the neighborhood.

And if your house is at the end of a cul-de-sac, your traffic won’t be nearly as good as homes on the corner and up closer to the main road. So, if that’s you, then you’ll definitely need to go the extra mile to call attention to your yard sale.


Some Neighborly Advice

If your subdivision isn’t planning a community yard sale anytime soon, then you may want to consider getting together with a couple families yourself. Multi-family garage sales are often more successful than single-family yard sales.

If you don’t want to do that, or if no one’s interested, then simply ask your neighbors (and your friends and relatives!) if they have anything they wish to sell at your yard sale. What they have might not be enough to warrant having their own yard sale, but it may boost yours a bit.

Sometimes neighbors are eager to get rid of some things — the easy way — in which case you might get to keep any profits from the sale of their items. Other times, they may have 1 or 2 high quality items that they’d sell if the price were right. These types of items would likely draw more people to your yard sale and help your neighbor, too — if the item sells!

Larger, higher-quality items are attention-getters. Especially sofas, appliances, and other pieces of furniture. Used lawn care items are a big draw, too.


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