Hampton Inn Pillows… Worth Every Down-Filled Moment!

fluffy-new-down-pillows.jpg One of the craziest things we ever did… (also one of the best things we ever did!) was to purchase 2 sets of down pillows from Hilton Hotels.

Yep, they’re the same pillows they use in their hotels… plush, and huge, and over-stuffed. Ahhhh!

Here’s how it all happened…


Jim Actually Has Good Taste

Jim is actually the one who fell in love with these pillows in the first place. He’s had a lot of experience with the Hampton Inn pillows, since he’s been staying at Hampton Inn hotels on business trips lately.

The hotel snob that he is, you know.

When he came home from those trips, he first started raving about the Hampton Inn bed — how soft it is… just the right amount of firmness… I get the best night’s sleep on that bed… blah, blah, blah. (That Cloud 9 experience is really something. Here’s a review.)

Then, recently, the conversation switched to how the Hampton Inn pillows are "the best!" He’d go on and on… and on. I just brushed it off thinking beds are beds and pillows are pillows. Whatever.

However!… Oddly enough, not long ago we got to talking about how cool the bed & pillows are at Hampton Inn hotels with our General Contractor, believe it or not! Yep, the one who’s building our log home. I know, kinda weird. But he travels a lot and Jim travels a lot, and they both like Hampton Inns.

Okay, so the conversation came full circle when he said, "Did you know you can actually buy those Hampton Inn pillows online?"

It’s not often that a guy (and for that matter, two guys!) is so passionate about bedding in my presence, so I figured these pillows must really be something. Perhaps, we should try them…

Before You Buy Hampton Inn Pillows Online…

I quickly found that you can get those pillows from the Hampton Inn Home Collection online, which we did. But

hampton-inn-pillows-from-pacific-coast.jpg When our pillows arrived, I noticed that the tag on each pillow says Pacific Coast.

This wasn’t a switcheroo or anything. It’s just that Pacific Coast makes all of Hampton Inn’s pillows …as well as lots of luxurious bedding that is used in other premier hotels.

Had we known this ahead of time, we could have been more selective in the type of Hampton Inn pillow we ordered. (Plus, they’re much cheaper if you buy directly from Pacific Coast, rather than ordering from the Hampton Inn site.)

You see, we ended up with the Double Down Around pillows. Which are great, but at the Pacific Coast website, there are actually a total of 4 different styles you can choose from, and 3 different firmnesses for each. Not so at the Hampton Inn website. I’d encourage you to order from Pacific Coast instead!

4-new-down-pillows-on-bed.jpg They sent us the "soft version" of the Double Down Around pillows. But, if I’d have had a choice, I would have opted for the medium version instead. Because ours are sooooo soft and "moldable" (because of so much down) and I’d actually like just a tad more support. As an example… our pillows definitely need to be "re-fluffed" every morning, otherwise they look like flat pancakes. (They’re that soft!)

The Double Down Around pillows are their best-selling pillows. They come in soft, medium and firm and feature a "pillow-in-a-pillow" design. There’s an inner pillow of small feathers to provide resilient support, and a fluffy outer pillow of double the down which "cradles you in luxurious comfort".

We ordered one Standard size set and one King size set of these pillows. Ours have: 230 thread count, 100% cotton, 525 fill power, hyperclean Pacific Coast down and feather. You can machine wash and dry them. They also come with an allergy free warranty, and a 5-year warranty.


A Little Too Excited About Pillows?

pillows-in-pillow-protectors.jpg I must say, a couple days after ordering from the Hampton Inn Home
Collection website
, our pillows arrived — much faster than expected. And they were individually packed in clear, zippered pillow bags.

Excited about my new high-falutin’ and very expensive pillows (at least compared to the pillows we’re used to sleeping on!), I immediately went out and bought 4 new pillow protectors. I started treating these overstuffed lumps of down like they were a part of the family. I wanted to do everything in my power to make them last a long, long time — because, well, they cost so much!

But they’re worth let, let me tell you!  We’ve had them for a about 6 months now and they’re just like new. We love ’em.

In fact, we like these pillows so much, now in the back of my mind I’m thinking when we get a new mattress soon, we’ll probably consider the Hampton Inn bed too.

P.S.  Aside from these Hampton Inn pillows, the only other hotel item that I’m madly in love with is the Holiday Inn showerhead!


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