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White Wall Decor: 7 Temporary Decorating Solutions For Boring White Walls (Great For Renters!)


Renters (who aren't permitted to paint the walls) and homeowners (who want decorating alternatives that are only temporary) will appreciate the following white wall decor ideas. There's no time like the present to get yourself out of a decorating rut. And there's nothing worse than dealing with boring white walls! All of the following white wall decor ideas are perfect for renters and anyone who is slow to commit to a decorating scheme that's permanent.   … [Read more...]

Metal Wall Art Ideas For Every Room In Your House


My all-time favorite decorative accent in interior design is... metal! Just about every wall in our home that has something decorative on it has at least one metal accent. Metal is just so rustic... and bold... and adds another dimension to home decorating. It's not flat and 2-dimensional like most other aspects of art and home decor. Metal is 3-dimensional and adds a solid, timeless feel to the space. Following are some of the metal-accented pieces of art that have made their way … [Read more...]

Simple DIY Door Stops You Can Make Yourself + Other Super Cool And Unique Doorstops

Using a tube bottle as a door stop. photo by Lynnette at

It wasn't until I saw this tube door stopper that I realized an empty (or not-so-empty) tube of anything makes a cheap and easy DIY door stop! Plus-d is a Japanese company that actually sells colorful tubes that are similar to a tube of hand lotion, facial cleanser, etc. and markets them as doorstops to keep your doors propped open. While those tubes may be more fashionable and modern than your typical door stopper (and regular tubes of stuff, for that matter), I can't help but think that … [Read more...]

Best Picture Hanging Tips: How To Hang Pictures & Artwork On The Wall Like A Pro

Find a common element or theme for pictures that you place in a grouping. photo by tandemracer on Flickr

Pictures can bring life to a room and help to create just the right atmosphere for your home. If you're like me, then making sure that all pictures hang straight on the wall is a huge deal. I hate it when I hang pictures only to spend forever adjusting and re-adjusting them in an attempt to get them all to hang just right.   Following are the best picture hanging tips you should use every time you hang new photos on your wall...   #1  Pictures should be hung at eye … [Read more...]

Stylish Home Wallpaper Tips: Modern Wallpaper Designs + How To Hang Wallpaper Yourself


You may be wondering, "Who would even consider wallpapering in today's modern home?"  But, the fact is, many people do choose to use wallpaper as part of their home decorating scheme. And you know what? Wallpaper can actually look quite nice when selected and applied properly!   With today’s new peel and remove wallpaper, the old days of standing with a steamer and a scraper for days are pretty much over. If you haven’t looked at wallpaper in the past few years, … [Read more...]

Top 14 Yard Sale Shopping Tips To Score The Best Garage Sale Deals


It's that time of year again when those of us who love to find good deals hit the yard sale circuit. Thrift stores and yard sales are 2 of my all-time favorite summer pastimes. Who doesn't love a bargain, right? That's one of the coolest things about yard sales is finding those really great bargains! There is definitely an art to being a yard sale shopper and being able to spot the best garage sale deals. Here are 14 ways to find the absolute best yard sale deals... … [Read more...]

Flower & Plant Zone Hardiness Maps Updated


Do you know what your plant zone is? One of the most important considerations in determining which plants you can grow in your garden is whether or not they will survive the climate in your area; in other words, it depends on what zone you live in. Gardeners need to compare the climate of their garden with the climate that their particular plant of choice grows best in. If you plant a perennial, shrub, or tree, the plant needs to be able to tolerate year-round conditions in our area, meaning … [Read more...]

Once You Try Candleberry Candles, You’ll Never Burn Any Other Candle!

I'm sure you've probably heard of Yankee candles (and I admit, their scents are pretty good), but have you ever heard of Candleberry candles?  I can tell you this... once you try a Candleberry candle, you'll never want to burn any other type of candles again! There's just no comparison. I've been a candle fanatic for years -- often buying them as gifts for my friends and always happy to receive one as a gift as well.  But it wasn't until recently that I discovered just how … [Read more...]