Unique Wheelbarrows For Special Purposes + Creative Uses For The Everyday Garden Wheelbarrow


Guaranteed, there's been one in your life at some point in time. You may have sworn at it once or twice as you lost your balance and dumped your load at the worst possible moment, but nonetheless, that trusty 'ol wheelbarrow has been the mainstay of many household projects.Since there are always inventors who are looking to build a better mousetrap, the wheelbarrow has been improved upon in many ways. There are many variations of wheelbarrows these days.They're not just for construction … [Read more...]

20 Great Tips For Having A Successful Yard Sale


Each year as I do my spring cleaning, I get rid of all items that haven't been used in a year. Some of these things are like new. Others are gently used. They are placed in totes and set aside for a yard sale.Who knows?... What I can't use may be useful to someone else, or it may even be something that someone else desperately needs.You never know when your junk may be someone else's treasure. And to top it all off, a yard sale is a great way to bring in a bit of extra cash!When … [Read more...]

How To Fold Fitted Sheets… And More!

I was folding sheets today when I realized I really don't do it right. I especially do it wrong when I'm folding fitted sheets! No matter how hard I try, I just can't get past anything other than a lopsided lump when I'm folding fitted sheets. So I went back to an article I posted awhile ago about How To Fold Anything. It's always been a popular article, so I figured it was time to heed  my own advice... … [Read more...]

Cheap Plastic Hangers Are Cheap Plastic Hangers, Right?

Well, not exactly.Believe it or not, there are actually some big differences among the many types of plastic hangers that are available.How do I know?Because moments ago, I finished switching out every single plastic hanger on Jim's side of the closet for a similar (but different) type of plastic hanger.Here's the scoop... … [Read more...]

The Best Tips & Tools For Selling Items On eBay

My mom was recently talking about try to sell a few things on eBay. This would be her very first attempt at selling something on eBay.It's a cinch to buy things on eBay, but selling takes a bit more work. So I started looking for some eBay tips & tools that might make the process easier for her.The good news: If you're not a wiz on the computer and signing up with a credit card (to use PayPal for handling all of the payments associated with your items) sounds intimidating... you're … [Read more...]

How To Fold Towels & Keep Them Hanging Straight In Your Bathroom


I've written about some of the clever ways to fold things like shirts, napkins, and sheets.I've also shown you some fun ways to fold towels into creative shapes and animals.Now, it's time for the most practical folding technique that everyone can use on a daily basis: how to fold towels & keep them looking great when they're hanging on the towel rack!   How To Fold Towels & Hang Them Nicely The following how-to videos show you some unique ways to make a … [Read more...]

Another Use For Yard Sticks From Lawn Care Professionals


Finally... I thought of a creative use for all those little yard post signs left behind by lawn care companies! Last week, the lawn care guy came by and sprayed our lawn. (A company called Second Nature does this 4 times a year for us. We love it because we no longer have any weeds!)After he left, I went out to retrieve the little "we sprayed your lawn today" sign that he always leaves in the front yard.When, all of a sudden, I got a brainstorm:These would make great … [Read more...]

All My Best Yard Sale Tips For The Highest Yard Sale Profits

by jon_a_ross

Who doesn't like yard sales? It's such a great way to make some quick cash and get rid of clutter at the same time!(Besides, people routinely take stuff that's been left at the curb for FREE when it's intended for the garbage, so why not sell it?)But in my mind, preparing for a yard sale is a process (...if not an art).Each time, I fine-tune the things I've done in the past and make mental notes of the things I want to do and not do at my next yard sale. In order for businesses to … [Read more...]

Yard Sale Advice: What To Do With Leftover Garage Sale Items

garage sale - sold $106.00

What if, at the end of the day, you're left with most of the items that you started with?...Don't get frustrated by the fact that most of your yard sale items didn't sell.It just means you either: a) had a lot of stuff!or...b) asked more for it than a typical yardsaler is willing to giveor ...the most likely optionc) you just didn't have the right shoppers come by your yard sale on this particular day … [Read more...]