How (And Why) To Clean The Air Ducts In Your Home


Have you noticed a collection of lint and/or dark spots building up around the edges of your carpeting? That's an indication that your forced air furnace is acting as a recirculation system for the dust that's contained within the ductwork of your home. Perimeter buildup on the floor and ceiling corners -- especially around your floor registers -- is a good indication that it may be time to get your ductwork cleaned!   Here's what you need to know...   … [Read more...]

Once You Try Candleberry Candles, You’ll Never Burn Any Other Candle!

I'm sure you've probably heard of Yankee candles (and I admit, their scents are pretty good), but have you ever heard of Candleberry candles?  I can tell you this... once you try a Candleberry candle, you'll never want to burn any other type of candles again! There's just no comparison. I've been a candle fanatic for years -- often buying them as gifts for my friends and always happy to receive one as a gift as well.  But it wasn't until recently that I discovered just how … [Read more...]

What Are Those Black Lines Around The Edges Of My Carpet?

carpet-black-edges-by Haxxah-and-KraZug

Ever wonder what those black lines are along the edges of your carpet -- at the baseboards and under doorways? The black lines are a result of filtration soil. Filtration soiling is pollution that comes from dirty ductwork and settles on your carpet.   Filtration Soiling 101 According to ProCare, the premium carpet & upholstery care specialists: … [Read more...]

Fun Ways To Use Essential Oils

Ever wonder exactly how many drops of Essential Oil you should use? Here are some of the best (and most popular) ways to enjoy the benefits of Aromatherapy -- from basic inhalation methods and vapor mists to personal ointments and air fresheners. Take a look at all of the fun ways you can use Essential Oils... … [Read more...]

Aromatherapy Basics For Beginners Experimenting With Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is simply a way of awakening your senses with a particular scent. You may choose to fill a room -- or an entire house -- with the aromatic scent from one or more Essential Oils. Or, you might want to massage a combination of Essential Oils onto your skin, or add a few drops to your bath water. You have probably already experienced the benefits of aromatherapy -- without even knowing it! How many times have you walked into the office of your doctor, chiropractor, massage … [Read more...]