Scrub Daddy Uses: 50+ Creative Ways To Use A Scrub Daddy Sponge


Much like the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser's many uses, I've found a number unique uses for Scrub Daddy sponges as well. If you're not already familiar with the Scrub Daddy sponge, it's a popular kitchen scrubber that changes texture in hot water vs cold water. When it's super-cold or perfectly dry, it's a coarse and powerful heavy-duty scrubber. When it's warm or hot, it's a soft and pliable light-duty scrubber. Scrub Daddy adapts/converts to the perfect texture -- either soft (hot) or … [Read more...]

DIY Tips For Making Your Own Foaming Soap Refills + Prettier Foam Soap Pump Bottles


I used to spend a fortune on those foaming soap dispensers filled with Dawn dishwashing soap! Seriously. They're so darned convenient that I quickly became addicted. I was always on the hunt for good deals on little bottles of Dawn foaming dish soap. When the soap ran out and the bottles became empty, I would just toss the bottle and replace it with a new one. For awhile, I was thrilled to actually find Dawn foaming soap refill bottles. They weren't nearly as large or economical as the … [Read more...]

Simple DIY Door Stops You Can Make Yourself + Other Super Cool And Unique Doorstops

Using a tube bottle as a door stop. photo by Lynnette at

It wasn't until I saw this tube door stopper that I realized an empty (or not-so-empty) tube of anything makes a cheap and easy DIY door stop! Plus-d is a Japanese company that actually sells colorful tubes that are similar to a tube of hand lotion, facial cleanser, etc. and markets them as doorstops to keep your doors propped open. While those tubes may be more fashionable and modern than your typical door stopper (and regular tubes of stuff, for that matter), I can't help but think that … [Read more...]

Unique Wheelbarrows For Special Purposes + Creative Uses For The Everyday Garden Wheelbarrow


Guaranteed, there's been one in your life at some point in time. You may have sworn at it once or twice as you lost your balance and dumped your load at the worst possible moment, but nonetheless, that trusty 'ol wheelbarrow has been the mainstay of many household projects. Since there are always inventors who are looking to build a better mousetrap, the wheelbarrow has been improved upon in many ways. There are many variations of wheelbarrows these days. They're not just for construction … [Read more...]

Fun With Furniture Made Out Of Cardboard


Check out this global design challenge... The mission: "to create a cost-effective, collapsible piece of furniture and ship it to New York inside a large FedEx box within 90 days of receipt of the project brief." BUDGET: could not exceed $200. EACH DESIGN: must support the weight of a person up to 200 lbs. CONCISE INSTRUCTIONS: must accompany the design in order to assemble it for exhibition. More interesting DIY furniture...   DIY Cardboard Furniture... Try It … [Read more...]

Another Use For Yard Sticks From Lawn Care Professionals


Finally... I thought of a creative use for all those little yard post signs left behind by lawn care companies!   Last week, the lawn care guy came by and sprayed our lawn. (A company called Second Nature does this 4 times a year for us. We love it because we no longer have any weeds!) After he left, I went out to retrieve the little "we sprayed your lawn today" sign that he always leaves in the front yard. When, all of a sudden, I got a brainstorm: These would make great … [Read more...]

How To Make A Unique Wall of Photos

Check out this cool system of hanging photographs using wire, pulled taut across a span, from floor to ceiling, with small hardware holding the photos in place. This would actually be a great system for hanging just about anything in a modern yet informal kind of way. Think... kids' artwork, Christmas cards, awards, concert tickets, and more! … [Read more...]

Top 10 Unique Uses For Blue Painter’s Tape


Masking tape... "although it isn't as popular as duct tape, most homes have at least one or two rolls around the house." Painter's tape... "has light, or weak, adhesive. The paper backing of the tape is easy to tear." In my opinion, blue painter's tape is utterly indispensable around the house! It's great because painters tape sticks to the surface, but leaves no sticky residue when it is removed. Alright, here we go... 10 unique uses for blue painter's tape! (Or any other color you … [Read more...]