Fun Ways To Use Essential Oils

Ever wonder exactly how many drops of Essential Oil you should use? Here are some of the best (and most popular) ways to enjoy the benefits of Aromatherapy -- from basic inhalation methods and vapor mists to personal ointments and air fresheners. Take a look at all of the fun ways you can use Essential Oils... … [Read more...]

Fun Things To Do With Your Favorite Clothes


This one's a little far-fetched. But if you have some old clothing that you just can't bear to part with, then it may be just what you're looking for. I can visualize a fairly unique personal memento in the end. If you -- or your children -- have some classic items of clothing that are all-time favorites like: … [Read more...]

Turn Old T-Shirts Into A Cool Quilt

Got T-Shirts? If you're like us, you've got tons of old t-shirts lying around the house. Most of them probably date back to your high school years... or other events, activities, or vacations that you've enjoyed. For some reason, we just can't bring ourselves to toss (or donate) all of those old T-shirts -- even though we hardly ever wear them anymore. Some (like those from concerts & sporting events) have never even been worn at all. We've simply been holding onto them purely as … [Read more...]

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers: Creative Uses For These Household Cleaning Blocks That Truly Work Magic!

magic eraser

Who knew, that I'd first hear about Mr. Clean Magic Erasers at a conference about blogging? It's true. When Glenn Reynolds (a.k.a. "The Instapundit" and godfather of the blogging world) mentioned in passing how much he liked this handy household gadget, I knew it must be great. And when he commented on its ability to work on a wide variety of surfaces, rather than just those stated on the box, I knew this product would be right up my alley. I'm not kidding when I say these Magic Erasers … [Read more...]

Handy Upside-Down Lids: Get Every Last Drop Out Of The Bottle!


Has anyone else seen these?... They're screw-on lids that fit on most any bottle (lotion, ketchup, shampoo, etc.) making it possible to store the bottle upside down and dispense the product a little at a time from the flip-top lid. They're great for products that don't come in their own upside down bottles -- like many condiments and shampoos do.     … [Read more...]