The Best Tips & Tools For Selling Items On eBay

My mom was recently talking about try to sell a few things on eBay. This would be her very first attempt at selling something on eBay. It's a cinch to buy things on eBay, but selling takes a bit more work. So I started looking for some eBay tips & tools that might make the process easier for her. The good news: If you're not a wiz on the computer and signing up with a credit card (to use PayPal for handling all of the payments associated with your items) sounds intimidating... you're … [Read more...]

Yard Sale Advice: What To Do With Leftover Garage Sale Items

garage sale - sold $106.00

What if, at the end of the day, you're left with most of the items that you started with?... Don't get frustrated by the fact that most of your yard sale items didn't sell. It just means you either: a) had a lot of stuff! or... b) asked more for it than a typical yardsaler is willing to give or ...the most likely option c) you just didn't have the right shoppers come by your yard sale on this particular day … [Read more...]

Tips For Pricing Yard Sale Items

garage sale - sold $106.00

If you want to be smiling at the end of your yard sale and feel good that you've sold most of your items, then price everything very low! I'm not kidding. Otherwise, you'll just end the day frustrated and sad that you went to all this trouble to set up and run a day-long (or 2-day long) yard sale... yet you've got nothing to show for it! My advice is to just sell everything and be done with it, rather than try to make some outlandish profit in the end. It's far more frustrating to be left … [Read more...]