Are Red & Purple Salvia Plants The Ones Used When Smoking Salvia?


Most of us recognize Salvia as a houseplant that is commonly found in garden centers and flower beds across America. Salvia is a member of the mint family. As it turns out, when it is smoked or ingested, one species of the lovely Salvia plant becomes a psychedelic drug. That species is Salvia Divinorum. There is a new drug on the scene, and unlike Meth, Crack Cocaine, or Marijuana, this one is legal. Its name is Salvia Divinorum or Salvia for short. Source   Salvia - As … [Read more...]

Household Plants: Best Indoor Plants For Bathrooms

I've always dreamed of having an open & airy bathroom with a lot of natural light, scented candles, colorful flowers & lots of green plants. You know... a bathroom that's warm, welcoming, and comfortable. One thing that really helps to soften the "hard-edges" in a bathroom and remove that boring, sterile feeling is to add something organic. ...We're talking about plants. … [Read more...]

Unsold Flowers, Trees & Shrubs Available To You For FREE!

Kim Komando has shed some light on a little-known secret in the world of plants & flowers. She writes: Have you wondered what happens to the plants nurseries don't sell? I was surprised to learn that they're destroyed. What a waste! Well, Free Trees and Plants "rescues" unsold plants. Then they're offered to you for free -- you only pay postage and handling. ...How cool is that?!?   … [Read more...]

Flowers Are In Full Bloom… Despite Last Night’s Frost!


If any of the neighbors spotted me late last night poking around our yard and playing in the flower garden... they must've thought I was crazy! It looked as if I got a late-night urge to do some gardening. Truth is, last night's "frost warning" sent me scurrying to protect our recent $200+ investment of flowers! … [Read more...]