How To Do Cute Towel Foldings & Other Creative Ways To Fold Towels To Impress Your Guests


I've heard it called 'towel origami' before. Personally, I've always referred to it as 'cute folded towels' or 'fun towel foldings' or 'unique ways cruise ships fold towels'. I've been keeping a collection of creatively folded towel photos for some time now. I think it's time to share them with others.   My Photos Of Cute Folded Towels I've been on 2 different cruises with 2 different cruise lines: My fun cruise with Royal Caribbean Highlights from … [Read more...]

Need A Repair Manual? Are You Looking For An Owners Manual? Or Replacement Parts?

right in the middle of everything - trying to build a desk

Where's help when you need it? Good news! I've found that you can usually locate the manual you need online, and I've saved you all the legwork by including the best sites with repair manuals and parts right here. If you need a repair manual or owners manual start here: Users Manual Guide -- Odds are, you can find virtually any user manual here. Manuals Online -- Search over 300,000 user manuals and over 5,000 different brands. iFixit Repair Guides -- See how to fix almost … [Read more...]

Bathroom Secrets: Do You Snoop Inside Medicine Cabinets?


Would you believe that over 50% of all people who come to a party in your home will actually snoop inside your medicine cabinet?! It's true. ...But only 4% are ever caught. Snooping inside medicine cabinets is such a common phenomenon that Oprah actually did a piece about snooping in medicine cabinets on her show one time. You'd be surprised how many not only snoop, but also use things found in others' bathrooms like brushes, combs, makeup, and even toothbushes! (Of course, using … [Read more...]

Police Warning: Do Not Park On Street

This is too funny... One of the (few) drawbacks to living in our subdivision is the disregard that many of our neighbors have for the Home Owners Association rule which states: "You are not permitted to park on the street." My reply: "Yeah, that's why you paid for a TWO-car garage and an extra long (very expensive aggregate) driveway which can comfortably fit FOUR cars... You've got options, please use 'em!" The reality: The "powers that be" at the Home Owners Association state that while … [Read more...]