Home Staging Tips: 5 Ways To Make A Great First Impression Before They Even Walk In The Door


We all know that it's smart to stage your home when you're preparing to sell it. What many people fail to think about when staging their home is first impressions. I'm talking about the impression someone has of your home before even stepping foot inside. That's why it's so important to make the entry to your house extra enticing.┬áIt's one of the most important things you can do when it comes to home staging. That means you should take some time to dress up the exterior of your home … [Read more...]

Staging Your Home For Sale: What To Do With Rooms You Don’t Use

Unused rooms can cause a bit of a dilemma when it comes to staging your home for sale. While having an extra room in your house designated simply for storage or for use as a play area may be a good idea for your own living situation, a potential home buyer may find it difficult to see that room as usable. That's why any rooms that are currently being used as a catch-all for storage or toys (as well as those that you don't use at all and are completely empty) should be decorated in such a … [Read more...]

Home Warranties: 6 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Home Warranty


First, it's important to realize that home warranties are not the same as homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance is required by your mortgage company. It covers your personal property, and the structure and contents within your home should an accident or disaster occur. When your home burns down, is damaged by Mother Nature or intruders, or if the water heater springs a leak and ruins your hardwood floors and carpeting, your homeowners insurance will cover that. A home warranty, on … [Read more...]

Thinking About Renting Your House? Here’s Some Landlord Advice & What You Need To Know Before You Rent A Home


Renting out your home could be a good investment. It could also be the source of many headaches.Some people look at renting a home as another means of income. Others fall into the category of reluctant landlords, due to circumstances beyond their control.Whichever boat you fall in, realizing all that's involved when you decide to become a landlord is critical if you intend to come out ahead in the long run.Being a successful landlord will ultimately require that you understand both your … [Read more...]

Moving Announcements: 6 Fun Ways To Let People Know You’re Moving (…Or That You’ve Already Moved!)


Whether you tend to move a lot or you're preparing for one of your first moves, you'll want to keep everyone informed and up-to-date with your new address. But you don't have to be boring about it! There are lots of fun and creative ways to inform people that you'll be moving soon (...or that you've already moved). Following are some of the most unique ways to let your friends and family know that you are moving... … [Read more...]

12 Best Home Improvement Projects That Benefit Home Sellers Most


HomeGain surveyed 1,000 Realtors nationwide and asked for the top 12 DIY home improvements that cost under $5,000 and benefit home sellers. Guess what?... The #1 home improvement that Realtors recommend to home sellers -- based on cost and return on investment) is:  Cleaning and de-cluttering! That's right. It costs $200 on average to do the proper amount of cleaning and decluttering prior to a move, yet it can increase your home's value by as much as $1,700. That's an 872% return on … [Read more...]

Play ‘House Flip’ Online (Free) To Test Your Skill At Flipping Houses


So fun!... You've seen shows like Flip This House featuring Armando Montelongo on A&E and Property Ladder with Kirsten Kemp on TLC, right? Well, now you can try your hand at flipping houses yourself for free online. I first heard about this from Bob Vila: Want to feel like a star on Flip This House but don't necessarily care for sinking tens of thousands of real dollars (not to mention countless hours) into a potential money pit? Then you need to try your hand at House Flip, a free … [Read more...]

Home Inspections: What You Need To Know

A home inspector does a whole lot more than check for working outlets and make sure the dishwasher works.  If you are wondering if you really need a home inspector, chances are you do.     Here's what you need to know about home inspections and how to find a good home inspector... … [Read more...]