Battery Storage Tip: Don’t Let 9-Volt Batteries Touch… Could Start A Fire!


Do you keep extra household batteries in a junk drawer, or in a bag? If so, you need to see this!... 9-volt batteries (like those used in your smoke detectors) can cause a fire and destroy your house -- just like they destroyed this family's house:   How Can 9v Batteries Cause A Fire? Any time two 9-volt batteries touch (on the terminals on top of the batteries), they can create a charge, build enough heat, and burst into flames. Yes, two 9v batteries touching can start a … [Read more...]

Fabric Softeners And Dryer Sheets: Myths vs Facts


There are all sorts of bold statements -- both for and against -- using liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets these days. Of course, those who advocate living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle typically avoid using fabric softeners and dryer sheets altogether, or they may advocate using only those that are made from all-natural products instead -- like these natural fabric softeners and these natural dryer sheets. Besides the eco-friendly reasons to stop using fabric softeners … [Read more...]

Warning: Do This NOW To Prevent A Fire In Your Clothes Dryer!


Did you know that 15,000 fires a year start in the clothes dryer? Believe it or not, one of the biggest fire hazards in your home is your clothes dryer. (video) Most people think that all you have to do to prevent a fire starting in your clothes dryer is to clean the lint trap after each load, but there are actually several other things you can and should do to prevent a fire starting in your dryer. Here are 6 things you should do in order to prevent a fire from starting in your … [Read more...]

WARNING: Today’s Popular Ionization Smoke Detectors Often Don’t Even Sound Their Alarms!


They say that Ionization smoke detectors don't work as well as Photoelectric smoke detectors. Who knew? In fact, I didn't realize there was even a difference in smoke detectors. I just figured a smoke detector is a smoke detector. But no... Tests conducted by WTHR, local fire departments, university researchers and government scientists all show that in some slow burning fires, Ionization smoke alarms do not sound at all. Source The sad truth is... with an Ionization smoke detector, … [Read more...]