Scrub Daddy Uses: 50+ Creative Ways To Use A Scrub Daddy Sponge


Much like the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser's many uses, I've found a number unique uses for Scrub Daddy sponges as well. If you're not already familiar with the Scrub Daddy sponge, it's a popular kitchen scrubber that changes texture in hot water vs cold water. When it's super-cold or perfectly dry, it's a coarse and powerful heavy-duty scrubber. When it's warm or hot, it's a soft and pliable light-duty scrubber. Scrub Daddy adapts/converts to the perfect texture -- either soft (hot) or … [Read more...]

Got A Ladybug Infestation? Here’s What To Do If Ladybugs Are Invading Your Home


If you're trying to find ways to deal with a ladybug infestation inside your house (like I've done each of the past 6 or so years), then you've come to the right place! Ladybug infestations typically consist of the orange and black variety of ladybugs (Asian lady beetles), rather than the bright red ones with black spots. The following tips apply to any type of ladybug that may be invading your living space. A new imported species, the multicolored Asian lady beetle, likes to spend … [Read more...]

Bay Leaves: An All-Natural & Safe Home Remedy To Rid Your Kitchen Of Ants

About the same time Meredith was battling ants in her kitchen in Brentwood, I was dealing with my own ant problem in my kitchen in Franklin, TN -- just a hop skip & a jump away . I believe these are sugar ants.  They're small and black (or dark brown).As far as getting rid of the ants, I decided not to use any of the chemicals we had in the cabinet for insects & other pests.  (I guess all this talk of 'going green' is starting to have an impact on me!)  Instead, searched … [Read more...]

See A Spider?… Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as spider humor. Check it out!... A forensic entomologist has unveiled the happy, friendly side of spiders. He calls them Happyface Spiders. Apparently, this unique species of spider can be found in Hawaii. Its official name is: Theridion grallator. Don't miss the full-color photos of Happyface Spiders. Be happy you didn't get bitten by a brown recluse spider like this guy! And, here are some spiders and spider webs that I have … [Read more...]

Brown Spider Identification: Wolf Spider vs Brown Recluse Spider

This is NOT a brown recluse spider.

These spiders are a common sight around our Tennessee home. We find them both indoors and outside. This one was photographed in the corner of our dining room. At first, I was scared it might be a poisonous Brown Recluse spider! Turns out it's a Wolf spider, which is a rather common household spider. See a spider in your house? It might be a happyface spider (...don't worry, be happy!) Here's a spider identification chart to help you see at a glance the type of spider you're … [Read more...]