Home Staging Tips: 5 Ways To Make A Great First Impression Before They Even Walk In The Door


We all know that it's smart to stage your home when you're preparing to sell it. What many people fail to think about when staging their home is first impressions. I'm talking about the impression someone has of your home before even stepping foot inside. That's why it's so important to make the entry to your house extra enticing. It's one of the most important things you can do when it comes to home staging. That means you should take some time to dress up the exterior of your home … [Read more...]

Flower & Plant Zone Hardiness Maps Updated


Do you know what your plant zone is? One of the most important considerations in determining which plants you can grow in your garden is whether or not they will survive the climate in your area; in other words, it depends on what zone you live in. Gardeners need to compare the climate of their garden with the climate that their particular plant of choice grows best in. If you plant a perennial, shrub, or tree, the plant needs to be able to tolerate year-round conditions in our area, meaning … [Read more...]

Before You Hire A Home Repair Handyman… 9 Things You Need To Know!


Every now and then, you may need a little help with home repairs and maintenance issues. You've probably heard about handymen who come to your home to fix things that you may not have the knowledge or ability to do yourself. For the record, not all handymen are carpenters, electricians, or plumbers. Some confine their efforts to yard work, clearing brush, mowing grass, and general outdoor maintenance instead of indoor home repairs. Regardless, it shouldn't be too difficult to find a … [Read more...]

Unique Wheelbarrows For Special Purposes + Creative Uses For The Everyday Garden Wheelbarrow


Guaranteed, there's been one in your life at some point in time. You may have sworn at it once or twice as you lost your balance and dumped your load at the worst possible moment, but nonetheless, that trusty 'ol wheelbarrow has been the mainstay of many household projects. Since there are always inventors who are looking to build a better mousetrap, the wheelbarrow has been improved upon in many ways. There are many variations of wheelbarrows these days. They're not just for construction … [Read more...]

The Many Downsides Of Planting Bradford Pear Trees + Pruning Tips


The Bradford Pear tree, a variation of the Callery Pear which is native to China, was developed in 1963 by government scientists in Prince George County Maryland. It quickly became widely adopted for its quick growth and pleasing colors that lasted well into fall. This ornamental fruit tree with its snowy white spring blossoms became very popular. Neighborhoods and individuals across America have planting Bradford Pear trees for years. They provide almost immediate gratification when it comes … [Read more...]

Butterfly Gardens: How To Build A Garden That Will Attract Butterflies


What could be better than a backyard sanctuary complete with colorful butterflies fluttering through the flowers and foliage?  Attracting butterflies (and the caterpillars that become beautiful butterflies) is as simple as incorporating the plants and flowers that butterflies like to eat.  By stocking their pantry correctly, you're likely to have plenty of colorful winged creatures flying about in no time!  Here are the basics for creating butterfly gardens...   … [Read more...]

Are Red & Purple Salvia Plants The Ones Used When Smoking Salvia?


Most of us recognize Salvia as a houseplant that is commonly found in garden centers and flower beds across America. Salvia is a member of the mint family. As it turns out, when it is smoked or ingested, one species of the lovely Salvia plant becomes a psychedelic drug. That species is Salvia Divinorum. There is a new drug on the scene, and unlike Meth, Crack Cocaine, or Marijuana, this one is legal. Its name is Salvia Divinorum or Salvia for short. Source   Salvia - As … [Read more...]

Do’s & Don’ts When Making A Rain Barrel For Rainwater Collection


Rain barrels are all the rage these days! Did you know that 623 gallons of water can be harvested from 1 inch of rain on a 1,000-square-foot roof? In terms of rain barrels, a typical 1/2-inch rainfall will fill a 50- to 55-gallon barrel. Here are some fun and easy ways to make your own rain barrel: Build Your Own Rain Barrel Super Cheap & Easy DIY Rain Barrel How To Make A Rain Barrel 3 Cheap Rain Barrels That Actually Look Nice How To Start A Home Rain Barrel … [Read more...]

14 Unique Rakes With A Purpose – From Leaf Rakes To Garden Rakes And Everything In Between


Odds are, if you head to the garage for a rake, you will probably grab one of these: A standard leaf rake. Lawn rakes or leaf rakes have 2 designs: straight edge or sweep (broom). Straight edge rakes pull leaves and debris toward the user, gathering up heavier trash such as sticks and stones. Sweep rakes are used like a broom. They pull or sweep the leaves and debris past the user. Sweep rakes are fan shaped, better ones with spring-steel teeth of graduated lengths for a straight leading … [Read more...]