How To Deep Clean Your House – Inside And Out!


Some of the times when you might want to give your home a deep cleaning include:Prior to movingBefore guests come for an overnight stayAt the start of each season (fall, spring, winter, summer)Before putting your house up for saleThat said, sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what to do and where to start.Here are a few tips to help you deep clean your home -- inside and out. … [Read more...]

Turn Old T-Shirts Into A Cool Quilt

Got T-Shirts? If you're like us, you've got tons of old t-shirts lying around the house. Most of them probably date back to your high school years... or other events, activities, or vacations that you've enjoyed. For some reason, we just can't bring ourselves to toss (or donate) all of those old T-shirts -- even though we hardly ever wear them anymore. Some (like those from concerts & sporting events) have never even been worn at all. We've simply been holding onto them purely as … [Read more...]

How To Clean A Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner

When it comes to laundry, there are a few "unknowns" in my world, like... how to keep whites whitehow to rid men's softball pants of reddish-brown dirtand the right way to use Bleach (It's safe with some colors? What about whites that have colored collars & trim? Then again, sometimes bleach turns whites grey, right?) … [Read more...]