What Are The Hottest Yard Sale Items? What Sells Best?


First, I'll share with you what I, personally, have experienced in terms of what sells and what doesn't at yard sales.Then, we'll see how my list compares with what "the experts" say.  Who Buys What? I've found that guys tend to gravitate toward tools, movies, sports stuff, CDs & DVDs, office equipment, computer stuff, and yard items.Some of the more unusual things that ladies will scoop up are: unused (or slightly used) health & beauty products, crafty stuff, kids … [Read more...]

Tips For Pricing Yard Sale Items

garage sale - sold $106.00

If you want to be smiling at the end of your yard sale and feel good that you've sold most of your items, then price everything very low! I'm not kidding.Otherwise, you'll just end the day frustrated and sad that you went to all this trouble to set up and run a day-long (or 2-day long) yard sale... yet you've got nothing to show for it!My advice is to just sell everything and be done with it, rather than try to make some outlandish profit in the end. It's far more frustrating to be left … [Read more...]

Yard Sale Cash, Change & Money Issues

When you're having a yard sale, you need to have a way to make change whenever someone gives you a $1 dollar bill for a 25-cent item.Or, a $20 dollar bill for a $1 item!This is what I usually do to make sure I'm covered... … [Read more...]

Garage Sale Tips: Do You Have A Rain Plan? What To Do If It Rains

When it comes to having a successful yard sale, you should always have a rain plan.Otherwise, if it rains, you've gone to a lot of work for nothing!Following is some great advice if you're contemplating having a garage sale, and you want to be prepared in case it rains...  Have A Rain Plan This was my rain plan: I'm only having my sale on one day -- Saturday. If it rains, I'll have the sale on Sunday. After that, rain or shine, whatever is left goes to Freecycle, where people … [Read more...]

How To Make Creative Yard Sale Signs That Attract Attention & Really Work!


In addition to neighborhood and directional signs which tell people how to find your yard sale, you'll also want to hang a number of signs on-site at the yard sale itself.This will make it easier for people to find the prices and locate similar items by "theme".Here are some tips for making both types of yard sale signs: #1 Neighborhood & Road Signs #2 Price & Category Signs   … [Read more...]

Unique Ways To Advertise Your Yard Sale & Tips For Writing A Classified Ad For Your Yard Sale


Here are the best ways to get the word out about your yard sale...   WHERE TO ADVERTISE YOUR YARD SALE: #1 Paid classified ads. Order a classified ad in your local newspaper (your best bet) and/or other classified papers that may exist in your area. Some areas have a "Thrift Nickel", "Coffee News", "Penny Saver, or similar papers. Tip: You will probably need to order your ad by Monday to have it show up in Thursday's paper. … [Read more...]

Should You Have A Multi-Family Yard Sale Or A Private Garage Sale?

When it comes to neighborhood yard sales, I've always wondered if it's better to take advantage of all the free advertising they do for you...Or, if you should take the time to write your own ads, hang your own signs, and pick your own date.I've had both, but I seem to have had more success when my personal garage sale was tied in with a neighborhood-wide yard sale event.Here's what I've learned...  Neighborhood Yard Sales vs Going It Alone … [Read more...]

How To Prepare For A Yard Sale: Some Tips For Getting Started


Preparing for a yard sale is definitely a process.But how in the world do you start?First, here are the┬áTop 10 Reasons To Have A Garage Sale:#1 To earn extra money #2 To make room for new stuff #3 To prepare for a move #4 Because it's fun #5 To teach your kids about work #6 To turn the "junk room" into a ___ room #7 Because your teen doesn't play with Strawberry Shortcake anymore #8 To do some Spring cleaning #9 It's Step 5 in the "Packrats Anonymous 12-Step … [Read more...]