Moving Costs Exposed: See What The REAL Cost To Move Is (Including Hidden Costs)

Whether you are moving across town, across the state, or across the country, your moving costs can quickly add up.The typical cost to move can range between $500 and $5,000.When planning your next move, you need to consider the costs associated with the following things:movers or a moving truckpacking suppliestemporary storage for your thingsmoving insurancethe unexpectedHere are the biggest line-items that greatly influence your overall cost to move...  … [Read more...]

Moving Boxes: Everything You Need To Know


We've all had to move at least once in our lives, and one of the more arduous tasks when you move is making sure that you have enough moving boxes to pack everything. One of the worst experiences of my life during my last move was when I ran out of boxes and had to start purchasing them. I was amazed at the amount of money it took to purchase even a few boxes. Before I was done, I had easily spent $50 just on boxes alone! A very scary thought especially when you take into account the fact … [Read more...]

Moving Supplies: Everything You Need Before You Pack For A Move

Moving soon? Wondering where to begin in terms of packing and preparing for your move? Following is a list of just about every single item you could possibly need in order to pack for your upcoming move. If I were you, I would start gathering up these moving supplies now -- to ensure that your packing and moving will go really smooth. I've moved 8 times. Usually, I moved myself -- with the help of friends and family. Once, I hired a professional moving company (actually my employer did). Soon, … [Read more...]

The Best Moving Checklist: Everything You Need To Do Before You Move


Moving can be one of the most strenuous activities that you ever do, and not being prepared can make for a real nightmare. Have you ever watched a friend or family member -- who wasn't organized and didn't have some kind of checklist -- move before? If so, then you know what I mean. It's usually a total disaster when you try to do everything for a move at the last minute -- especially if everyone else is standing around watching in amazement and you're about to lose it. It's not a pretty … [Read more...]

How To Save Time Packing For A Move: 5 Tips

Moving is hard enough, without it being such an overwhelming job time-wise that you feel exhausted before you even start packing!The truth is, most of us feel this way about moving.But it doesn’t have to be that way.There are several things you can do to both save time and make packing less stressful when you are preparing to move... … [Read more...]

6 Ways To Save Money When Moving

Most of us have had to pack up and move at least once in our lives. And, as you know, this is not always the most fun experience. Plus, it can be downright expensive to move.I recently moved myself, and I learned a few interesting things along the way -- some of them the hard way. So, if you're like me and you don't have the extra money to pay movers to come and pack up your stuff and move it for you, then you'll appreciate these tips.Here are some ways that you can save money and ensure that … [Read more...]

Fun With Furniture Made Out Of Cardboard


Check out this global design challenge... The mission: "to create a cost-effective, collapsible piece of furniture and ship it to New York inside a large FedEx box within 90 days of receipt of the project brief." BUDGET: could not exceed $200. EACH DESIGN: must support the weight of a person up to 200 lbs. CONCISE INSTRUCTIONS: must accompany the design in order to assemble it for exhibition. More interesting DIY furniture...   DIY Cardboard Furniture... Try It … [Read more...]