Aromatherapy Basics For Beginners Experimenting With Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is simply a way of awakening your senses with a particular scent. You may choose to fill a room -- or an entire house -- with the aromatic scent from one or more Essential Oils. Or, you might want to massage a combination of Essential Oils onto your skin, or add a few drops to your bath water. You have probably already experienced the benefits of aromatherapy -- without even knowing it! How many times have you walked into the office of your doctor, chiropractor, massage … [Read more...]

Nothing Cleans A House Better Than These Heavy-Duty Cleaning Products

Since we don't currently have maid service at our residence (yet!), cleaning the house is a chore that we regretfully have to do ourselves. Case In Point: Recently, our big dog had a bout of doggy diarrhea, and since Jim is only mildly helpful in situations that involve strong odors, gooey discharges or excrements, I'm now a PRO when it comes to "deodorizers" and "stain removers". Which gives me a chance to share some highly recommended products that we use regularly...   … [Read more...]