Flower & Plant Zone Hardiness Maps Updated


Do you know what your plant zone is? One of the most important considerations in determining which plants you can grow in your garden is whether or not they will survive the climate in your area; in other words, it depends on what zone you live in. Gardeners need to compare the climate of their garden with the climate that their particular plant of choice grows best in. If you plant a perennial, shrub, or tree, the plant needs to be able to tolerate year-round conditions in our area, meaning … [Read more...]

DIY Home Security Tips – Simple Ways To Burglar-Proof Your House


Did you know that there is a burglary in a home, apartment or condominium every 15 seconds. In fact, according to FBI statistics, 60% of burglaries occur while the home is occupied! So, there's no time like the present to make your home as secure from thieves as possible. Right? Following are the best things you can do to prevent your home from being broken into...   … [Read more...]

The Many Downsides Of Planting Bradford Pear Trees + Pruning Tips


The Bradford Pear tree, a variation of the Callery Pear which is native to China, was developed in 1963 by government scientists in Prince George County Maryland. It quickly became widely adopted for its quick growth and pleasing colors that lasted well into fall. This ornamental fruit tree with its snowy white spring blossoms became very popular. Neighborhoods and individuals across America have planting Bradford Pear trees for years. They provide almost immediate gratification when it comes … [Read more...]

Butterfly Gardens: How To Build A Garden That Will Attract Butterflies


What could be better than a backyard sanctuary complete with colorful butterflies fluttering through the flowers and foliage?  Attracting butterflies (and the caterpillars that become beautiful butterflies) is as simple as incorporating the plants and flowers that butterflies like to eat.  By stocking their pantry correctly, you're likely to have plenty of colorful winged creatures flying about in no time!  Here are the basics for creating butterfly gardens...   … [Read more...]

12 Lawn, Garden & Home Projects That Should Be On Your Fall To-Do List


Before you know it, cooler winds will start blowing in and winter will be here to stay. There are so many things that need to get done around the house before the snow starts falling.     Following are 12 household projects that should probably be at the top of your fall chores checklist...   #1  Attend to your garden harvest. The last few tomatoes and squash are waiting to be picked. You don't want to leave any to go to waste. Work now to prepare your … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning Outdoors: Lawn & Garden Tips


Each spring there is an assortment of garden chores that can be done early in the year, before planting season arrives. This is also the time we need to assess the lawn and provide basic lawn maintenance to keep it in optimum health. Following are some tips to guide you through your spring gardening chores and save yourself a lot of work later in the season.   … [Read more...]

7 Easier Ways To Rake Leaves (…And Keep It FUN!)


For those who have a garden and lawn, the best way to keep both healthy is to make sure you take care of all those Fall leaves by raking them up. While some subscribe to the leaf blower method, it never did make much sense to me to blow leaves into the street (or elsewhere) instead of raking them up. Also, using a blower isn't environmentally friendly. So, if like me you prefer to try and do your yard clean-up in as green a fashion as possible, then I see a rake in your future. Here … [Read more...]

Unsold Flowers, Trees & Shrubs Available To You For FREE!

Kim Komando has shed some light on a little-known secret in the world of plants & flowers. She writes: Have you wondered what happens to the plants nurseries don't sell? I was surprised to learn that they're destroyed. What a waste! Well, Free Trees and Plants "rescues" unsold plants. Then they're offered to you for free -- you only pay postage and handling. ...How cool is that?!?   … [Read more...]