Need A Repair Manual? Are You Looking For An Owners Manual? Or Replacement Parts?

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Where's help when you need it? Good news! I've found that you can usually locate the manual you need online, and I've saved you all the legwork by including the best sites with repair manuals and parts right here. If you need a repair manual or owners manual┬ástart here: Users Manual Guide -- Odds are, you can find virtually any user manual here. Manuals Online -- Search over 300,000 user manuals and over 5,000 different brands. iFixit Repair Guides -- See how to fix almost … [Read more...]

Garages Aren’t For Cars Anymore

You've read about my issues with parking on the street in neighborhoods before. Same with kicking perfectly good stuff to the curb on garbage collection day. Well, if you haven't already noticed... there appears to be some sort of trend here. Perhaps I'm building my case for wanting to move into a log home that's in a slightly more remote setting than the subdivision we currently live in? Alas, next on my list of "subdivision pet peeves" is this: People don't use their garages for … [Read more...]