Fixing Things

Looking for DIY repair instructions and helpful tips for fixing things yourself around the house? Homeowners share their personal experiences fixing things at home. You can learn from our mistakes! Our step-by-step home repair guides are for average people who want to try to do the repair themselves, before hiring a professional. See how to do outdoor repairs (like lawn, garden, plants, gutters & swimming pool issues) and indoor repairs (like appliances, dishwashers, water heaters, garage doors, tub & shower issues).


Drywall Tools 101: How To Fix Drywall With Spackle vs Joint Compound

If you’re about to undertake your first DIY project that involves installing or replacing drywall, then your biggest question is probably which of these you should be using: Spackle or Joint Compound. Here’s what you need to know about how to fix drywall using those 2 materials.

Tankless Water Heater Cost, Pros & Cons, And Installation Tips

Tankless water heaters cost 3 times more than conventional hot water heaters to buy and install, so you’re probably wondering if they are really worth it or not. Following are the pros & cons and details about the cost and installation of tankless water heaters.