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How Effective Are Robotic Vacuums Like Roomba… Especially On Dog Hair? (I Have 2 Robot Vacuum Cleaners And 3 Dogs… See How Well Robot Vacuums Work!)

See how well Roombas and other robot vacuum cleaners work on stairs, hardwood floors, with rugs and other obscacles. I like iLife robot vacuums because they’re more affordable. (Actually, I have two — one upstairs and one downstairs!) These photos and videos tell the whole story about the iRobot Roomba and other popular robot vacuum cleaners — HOW they work, how WELL they work, which are the BEST ones, and how to CLEAN them. My personal experience with robot vacuum cleaners and pets.

The Best Cleaning Products …From Someone Who Cleans Houses For A Living

Use these tips to clean, disinfect, and remove mold, mildew, bacteria, germs, soap scum… like a pro! A list of all the best cleaning products for the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bathtub, bath mats, refrigerator, chrome, mirrors, appliances, carpet, upholstery, glass, wood trim, baseboards, cabinets, hardwood floors, vinyl flooring, fingerprints, painted walls, scuff marks, crayon marks, stovetop, stainless steel, and polishing the furniture.


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Moving Tips

First Time Home Buyer? 8 Do’s & Don’ts If You’re Thinking Of Buying A House For The First Time!

Thinking of buying a house for the first time? 8 important Do's and Don't for first time home buyers After you’ve weighed the benefits of buying a home versus renting one, you might think that you’re ready to start shopping for your first house. But before you jump in and become a first time home buyer, be sure to follow these 8 tips — to determine if you’re really ready to buy a house right now. These are the most important things that you need to do (and not do!) as a first time home buyer…

How Those Moving & Storage Pods Work…

If you’ve been thinking about using one of those PODS for your moving & storage needs… check here first! Get a PODS storage promo code for local OR long distance moves here. And hear from others who have used PODS before…


Yard Sale Tips

Garage Sale Cash, Change & Money Issues: How To Stay Organized & Deal With Loose Change

The day before your garage sale, you need to get some money from the bank or an ATM so you can make change with shoppers who visit your yard sale. How much change should you get? And how do you organize all your money and keep it safe during the garage sale? All of your garage sale cash questions answered here!