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Want to get organized? Need a place to put everything? Here, homeowners share their best tips for keeping things organized when you’re storing things in closets, pantries, attics, basements, and garages. From bathroom & closet organizers to kitchen & pantry organization tips — we’ve got DIY tips you won’t find anywhere else.

After reading the Marie Kondo book and watching her 'Tidying Up' series on Netflix, I started following the KonMari method of living minimally. Now, I surround myself only with things I love... and I save a lot of money!

See how I made a kitchen utensil holder & universal knife block in one - with just a few pieces of wood and some bamboo skewers. This DIY wooden utensil holder cost less than $20 to make!

DIY spice rack ideas to organize your kitchen! See how I used paint stir sticks to make my own spice drawer inserts. Yep, a $4 DIY spice drawer organizer!

See how I made this DIY boot rack & bench out of a $5 wooden spool, some scrap wood, and paint. It's also useful for hanging kids muddy clothes on!

You need a detailed inventory of all your belongings in the event of a natural disaster or theft. Create your own personal inventory using one of these FREE home inventory programs, apps, and printable forms. (You don't have to use a home inventory app. I'll show you how to save your home inventory in the cloud!)

See how we repurposed our collection of old glass jars and lids from food items AND organized our garage workspace at the same time! Here's our tutorial with photos showing how to build a shelf organizer using glass jars and lids.

All about garage sale cash. How to easily make change with your shoppers. How much loose change to get. How to organize your money & keep it safe during the garage sale.

I have a Scrub Daddy Caddy in my shower & in my kitchen sink. This smiley sponge holder keeps sponges out of the way but still close. They'll air-dry faster too.

Battery storage is important because if battery terminals touch, it could start a fire. Definitely don’t store 9v batteries loosely in drawers or in bags!