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Buying a house for the first time? These are the most important things every first time home buyer needs to be aware of before buying your first home.

What do you know about your neighbors? Better yet, what do your neighbors know about you? Here are 6 legal ways to snoop on your neighbors online for FREE!

Before you buy a new house, you need to do a roof inspection and look closely at the gutters. Here's what to look for NOW to avoid costly repairs LATER!

Moving into a new house? You're going to need some basic tools for small home projects! Here's a list of tools that I recommend. They're the ones I've used the most - after moving into my first home.

Here are the pros and cons of home security systems. Plus, a few statistics about home burglaries and security systems for home protection.

Should you buy a house or rent one? The hidden costs of home ownership were eye-opening to me when I bought my first home. Read this before buying a home.

Buying a home warranty or appliance warranty to protect the systems & appliances in your house? Our friends rave about theirs! I've listed the pros & cons.


Here's how, why, and how often you should clean air ducts - especially if you've recently remodeled, live in an area where there's construction, or have pets.

Home warranties are NOT homeowners insurance. Nor are they any form of a guarantee. If you're thinking of including a home warranty in your home sale, or if you're thinking of purchasing an aftermarket home warranty for your own protection as you transition into your new home, here are a few things to consider.