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Window fogging in our house was driving me crazy - til I found the humidity levels in our home were too high. Here's the best window condensation fix: a dehumidifier & some Damp Rid!

Should you buy a house or rent one? The hidden costs of home ownership were eye-opening to me when I bought my first home. Read this before buying a home.

Buying a home warranty or appliance warranty to protect the systems & appliances in your house? Our friends rave about theirs! I've listed the pros & cons.


Here's how, why, and how often you should clean air ducts - especially if you've recently remodeled, live in an area where there's construction, or have pets.


Dust spray is the best way to control dust and allergens inside your home. Some dust sprays work better than others. Here are the top 4 dust control sprays.

Tips for choosing air filters for your home's heating and cooling system. Are expensive air filters really better than the cheaper ones? What's the difference between the all the different types of home air filters? Here's what to look for.

If you are experiencing dry skin, cracked lips, itchy eyes, or you are getting shocked every time you walk across the carpet, then chances are you don't have enough moisture in the air and you might benefit from a humidifier. If rooms in your home feel stuffy, you have rotting wood, or wet stains on the walls or ceilings, then you might benefit from a dehumidifier.