Reasons To Give Away Items For FREE At Your Yard Sale

free-stuff-at-a-yard-sale.jpg One of the best things you can do at your yard sale is to give away some items for free. And don’t be shy about making a big deal of it!

I always offer free stuff at each of my garage sales.

This year, the biggest hit was:

“FREE sandollars… take a few … help yourself!”

I actually like to have an entire section of free stuff. Because, when it comes right down to it, you know that everything you have is not going to sell. So why not try to guess which of your items are LEAST likely to sell & just offer those for free right from the beginning.

Honestly, people are usually so shocked to see something for free, that they simply don’t believe it. And it’s only those who are TRULY interested in the item who will actually ask about it. So, it’s a win-win… you only get the serious inquiries, and you both feel good about giving & receiving something for nothing!


Some Of The Freebies I’ve Given Away

Originally, I started with one oversized bowl filled with Happy Meal-type toys and odds & ends for kids.

Those were a hit, so this year, I added a whole section of freebies — for people of all ages.

Items in my freebies bowl:

  • Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons (people around here love that store, and since you’re allowed to use up to 5 coupons per visit, people like to stock up on BB&B coupons!

  • stuff-for-free-at-garage-sale.jpgSome old pens, markers & mechanical pencils. (My collection of pens has superseded my collection of dental floss!)

  • Odds & ends from various giveaways.

  • Sandollars that I collected when I lived in Florida. I had bucket-fulls! The best part was I had the very rare and hard to find baby sandollars. These were a huge hit.

  • Refrigerator magnets

  • To-do list pads and magnetic shopping lists (…that I’d received in the mail.or as samples).


Other Things You Can Give Away For FREE

  • Do you have a lot of old t-shirts that aren’t exactly yard sale quality since they have stains, tears, holes? If so, take a few minutes to cut them up into smaller rags. Then giveaway Zip-loc type baggies filled with clean rags. (Guys love these!)


  • bargain-tent.jpgWhat about all of those “free samples” you receive in the mail? (Believe it or not, serious yardsalers will intentionally sign up for free samples just to have freebies to hand out at their yard sales!


  • Bake some cookies, make some candy, or bake cupcakes or muffins and hand out one per person until they’re gone. (Or, you could sell them for 25 cents apiece and make a few dollars for your efforts!)


  • You don’t have time to bake?… Then buy a bunch of fresh-baked cookies at the store. When you buy in bulk, they’re typically pretty reasonable. Then, offer one per person at your yard sale. (Some people only offer a cookie to shoppers when they check out.)


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