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12 Lawn, Garden & Home Projects That Should Be On Your Fall To-Do List

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By Curtis

Before you know it, cooler winds will start blowing in and winter will be here to stay.

There are so many things that need to get done around the house before the snow starts falling.

Following are 12 household projects that should probably be at the top of your fall chores checklist…

  1. Attend to your garden harvest.
    The last few tomatoes and squash are waiting to be picked. You don’t want to leave any to go to waste. Work now to prepare your garden for next year. That way, you’ll be one step ahead of the game come springtime when you’re wanting to get the next crops planted and growing quickly.
  2. Aerate your lawn.
    Aeration is the process of poking holes in the soil so that water, oxygen and nutrients will be able to  penetrate to the roots of your grass better. You can rent an aerator from your local hardware or tool rental store.
  3. Tackle home maintenance issues now.
    This list of home projects addresses fall maintenance issues which are often-overlooked — both inside and outside your home. Now is the time to come up with a plan for maintaining and repairing things small and large inside your home.
  4. Divide and transplant perennials.
    Fall is the best time to move plants around. Just as they’re going dormant for a long sleep, they are at less risk of failure. Next spring, they’ll be ready to take off with the extra moisture that winter brings with it.
  5. Clean and empty all gutters and downspouts.
    A buildup of leaves will likely create an ice damn that can cause some serious damage to your roof. A little fall home preventive maintenance goes a long way!
  6. Protect your trees and shrubs.
    Burlap makes a warm winter blanket for sensitive shrubs and young trees. If you live in an area where road salt is used, burlap will prevent damage to those trees planted close enough to be affected during snowplowing.
  7. Clean and service your heating system.
    New filters should be installed. Also, make sure the furnace operates properly before the heating season arrives. Furnace repair men love it when you wait until it’s freezing outside to discover that your furnace is out! (They charge accordingly.)
  8. Get a good rake.
    You don’ t want to leave piles of leaves on your lawn through the winter, so devise a plan for raking leaves quickly and easily this fall.
  9. Keep some fall color in your flower garden.
    As the temperatures cool, these 10 fall blooming perennials will mix well with the bright fall foliage as the leaves take on their final colors.
  10. Prepare your vehicles for winter driving.
    This list covers all of the major parts of a car that should be inspected and/or repaired from oil and fluid levels to your car’s windshield, tires, and battery. (Oh, and don’t overlook the importance of packing a survival kit for winter driving!)
  11. Seal up cracks and gaps around your home.
    Things like weather stripping and caulking will prevent the outdoor winter cold from coming inside your home and save you a few dollars on your energy bill. Any small opening is money out of your pocket once the heating season starts.
  12. Prevent frozen pipes with a little TLC.
    Check heat tapes and drain your outdoor faucets. Old man winter will surely cause some frozen pipes if you don’t prepare for the temperature to drop.

What’s on your fall to-do list?

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