You Never Know What You’re Going To Find…

…and how people are going to utilize the old “junk” you decide to give away (for FREE) on Freecycle.


What Goes Around Comes Around…

It’s true.

I’ve given (and gotten!) a bunch of fun things via Freecycle over the past few years.

I’m captioning this one:
five-garden-hoses-tangled-together.jpg“Oh what a tangled web we weave…
when we first practice
to trade through Freecycle!”

We already had one garden hose. It was serving us quite well. But now that we’re building a log home out in the country, we’ll be needing a couple more.

For example, we’ll have up to 4 hose bibs — most likely, one on each corner of the house. And an old hose is certainly better than NO hose!

Plus, before the house even gets built, there will be a need to use water on the property. And you certainly don’t want construction guys using a brand new one!

I tried all 5 of the hoses that a Freecycler gave me the other day. Three worked perfectly. Two were a little too kinked up to use. For now, all 4 of the good hoses are being stored together in the backyard bin:

one-garden-hose-in-a-bucket.jpg four-garden-hoses-in-a-bucket.jpg

Thanks to Freecycle and its many Freecyclers all over the country for turning trash into treasure and helping thousands of homeowners everywhere.

Sometimes, if you just think outside the box a little bit, you’ll even surprise yourself with all the creative things you can do with junk left lying around the house.

Bonus: In all of that tangled mess of hoses, I found 2 different types of small black rough-textured hoses. I used one of them to cut-to-size some “covers” for the 5-inch corner railings in the back of our Jeep Wrangler.

Why did I need to cover the corner railings? Because they have protruding edges — and they catch on our dog’s dangling tags whenever he’s riding in the back. I used to take his tags off during Jeep rides, but no longer!


Lynnette Walczak

Lynnette Walczak

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