Salt Water Systems vs Chlorine In Swimming Pools

by Lynnette

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We don’t currently have a pool, but we DID!

Er, well we actually rented a house in Pensacola, Florida for a year that did.

It was a full-size in-the-ground swimming pool — with a diving board, a deep end, and everything! We were so thrilled.


That is, until the liner along the inside of the pool started sagging, and the cleaners and filters quit working altogether.

The result: A limy green moss-filled swimming pool.

green_slime_pool empty_swimming_pool

…This stuff practically grew overnight!


How Did It Get So Bad?

Unfortunately, since dialog with our landlord (who lived out of town, but planned to move back into the house at a later date) was hit-and-miss at best, it took a few months to actually get the liner repaired and the pool chemicals regulated back to normal.

The landlord had given the “pool boy” who regulated all the chemicals some time off until the liner could be repaired, so Jim and I took it upon ourselves to purchase the proper pool chemicals for the water — just so we could get a few more weeks of enjoyment out of this pool.

After all, it was the main reason that we chose to rent this house in the first place!

As a result, we are somewhat familiar with pool chlorination and filtering procedures… which is what makes the following information so interesting.


Salt Chlorinators For Swimming Pools

Did you know that there’s a way to “chlorinate” your swimming pool without all the harsh effects of chlorine — like red, irritated eyes and itchy skin?

The answer is a salt-water system!

No, it doesn’t turn your swimming pool into the Atlantic Ocean. Nor does it make you feel like a seasoned salad after swimming in it. It simply gives you all of the benefits of traditional chlorinated water, without the negative side effects.

  • No red, burning eyes
  • No itchy skin
  • No harsh pool chemicals (like chlorine or algaecides) to buy

In sum, with a salt-chlorinator pool maintenance is easier — so you’re able to keep your swimming pool looking great with much less hassle.


Too cool. If I owned my own pool, I’d seriously consider salt-chlorination.

By choosing a saltwater sanitizing system, you can reap the benefits of traditional chlorinated water without many of the negative side effects. –Landscape Solutions

#1 – It’s more comfortable. Salt softens pool water  –so it’s gentler and less likely to cause red, burning eyes or dry, itchy skin.

#2 – It’s easier on swimwear. Fabric swimwear won’t fade or disintegrate over time.

#3 – It smells better. Lower chlorine levels eliminate chlorine taste and smell. The water tastes slightly salty instead.

#4 – It inhibits algae naturally.

#5 – It’s safer around kids and pets. Saltwater pools reduce the need to purchase, store, add, and handle chlorine, but salt can be corrosive over time.

#6 – It saves time. Saltwater systems are easy to maintain once the system is learned.

#7 – It’s cost-effective. Saltwater systems are more expensive initially, but less costly over time.

For more about salt water pool systems, read Salt Water Pool Systems: Facts From A Pool Expert.