How To Clean Silver Without Spending A Dime On Cleaning Products: Use Chalk!

If you are like me then you have probably tried several different types of silver polish.

Most of these types of products do work but they also can smell bad and be harmful to your hands.

Let’s say you don’t have anything to clean your silver with, or you are just looking for a simple cheap way to polish your silver. Try chalk! Here’s a before and after shot…

silver-before-polishing-with-chalk.jpg  silver-polished-with-chalk-after.jpg

Take look around your house for an old piece of chalk.

(If you have children, then chances are it won’t be hard to find some chalk in a heartbeat.)

You may be a little skeptical at first, but using chalk to remove silver tarnish really does work.

What You’ll Need:

  • A couple of white chalk sticks

  • A plastic bowl

  • Something hard that you can use to crush the chalk (a glass coffee cup will work… just use the bottom of the cup to crush the chalk in a bowl)

  • A soft sponge

  • One medium-size soft cloth

How To Use Chalk To Remove Silver Tarnish:
Simply take the chalk place it into a bowl.

Crush it into a fine powder.

Next, add water until it makes a paste. It doesn’t take much.

Now take a damp soft sponge and apply the paste to the sponge. Begin on a small area of the silver. You will want to do this using a circular motion.

After you’ve rubbed the chalk all over the item, use a medium size soft cloth to remove the chalky paste. Apply a little bit of pressure, as you buff it off.

Wa-lah!… With chalk you should be able to achieve the same results as any silver polish that you could buy in a store. Try it and see for yourself. You’ll probably be surprised by the results, and you will definitely be saving money.

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