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Creative Uses For Everyday Things

I keep plastic shopping bags rolled together in self-dispensing bundles. I'm going to show you how to roll plastic bags so you can pull 1 bag out at a time.

I've had lots of great garage sales. I recently had my most successful yard sale ever. Made over $1,000! Here are 101 of my best yard sale tips... for FREE.

I made a saucer swing from a small trampoline! Here's my DIY tree swing tutorial... with LOTS of photos! (This nest swing is portable. Put it on any tree... anywhere!)

If you don't already have a product to clean tarnished silver, or you're just looking for a simple (and cheap) way to polish your silver... try chalk! See how well it works here.

Doorstops are easy to make! See 9 makeshift door stoppers using everyday household items + 7 DIY door stop tutorials + 16 of the most unique door stops on Amazon

Great tips for finding free moving boxes, plus the best places to buy moving boxes online. Moving soon? Need a bunch of boxes... fast? Start here!

Difficulty reading fine print? Want a quick (FREE) DIY hack? This easy hack works every time! (I also found a great magnifier for reading small print!)

You can get organized without spending a dime by making your own DIY organizers. Amazing DIY organization ideas & repurposing tips. Get organized for FREE!

See how to repurpose old 45 vinyl records into a DIY lamp that changes colors & plays music. This DIY glow lamp is a color-changing Bluetooth speaker lamp!