Got A Ladybug Infestation? Here’s What To Do If Ladybugs Are Invading Your Home


If you're trying to find ways to deal with a ladybug infestation inside your house (like I've done each of the past 6 or so years), then you've come to the right place!Ladybug infestations typically consist of the orange and black variety of ladybugs (Asian lady beetles), rather than the bright red ones with black spots.The following tips apply to any type of ladybug that may be invading your living space. A new imported species, the multicolored Asian lady beetle, likes to spend … [Read more...]

Recycling Trash 101: How To Dispose Of Things That Can’t Go In Curbside Recycling Or Your Regular Garbage

Before you go to throw something away at home, you need to know that there are lots of household items that cannot (or should not) be disposed of in your regular trash.Many things cannot even be recycled via your regular curbside recycling or in your county's recycling dumpsters.The following items pose a hazard to the environment and human well-being and, therefore, must be recycled in other ways. Usually, this means taking the item to a Household Hazardous Waste collection center in … [Read more...]

Roombas & Other Robotic Vacuums …Finally, SEE How Well They Work!


Modern technology is a wonderful thing!While we may not yet have mechanical maids tending to the dusting and delivering a tray of cool beverages to your favorite recliner, the likes of Rosie the Robot (the maid on The Jetsons cartoon series) might be closer than you think -- thanks to electronics and microchips.Enter robotic vacuums (like Roombas). These self-propelled vacuum cleaners keep carpets clean without any real physical human input.The iRobot Roomba is a round disk-shaped … [Read more...]

Oxygen Bleach vs Chlorine Bleach: See Why Products Like OxiClean Are Best


Honestly, both oxygen bleach and chlorine bleach work well in terms of cleaning power. So it really depends on what your goals are as to whether or not you should choose oxygen bleach or chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach has been around since the 1800's and has been used on everything from getting whites white to cleaning toilets. Oxygen bleach can do the same things as chlorine bleach, but it definitely has some advantages for those choosing to live a healthier, more environmentally … [Read more...]

Top Loaders vs Front Loaders: Why I Prefer Front Loading Washing Machines


If you're thinking about buying a new washing machine, then you're probably wondering what kind you should get -- front-loader or top-loader.Most people are interested in the biggest differences between top load washing machines and front load washing machines.The truth is, each has advantages and disadvantages: Now see, point-by-point, why I (and lots of other people) prefer front loading washing machines...  … [Read more...]

Stainless Steel Touchless Trash Can With 2 Compartments Makes Recycling Even Easier


We have a stainless steel 13-gallon touchless trash can that I absolutely love. (So much so that I got one for 2 different relatives that year for Christmas and I talked my in-laws into buying one as well!) But I spotted this 16-gallon touchless trash can the other day, and I think it may be even better... because it's got 2 bins! The 2 separate buckets could be used for: sorting 2 types of recyclables (paper vs plastic), or for using one side as a standard garbage can and the other … [Read more...]

Bona Spray Mop vs Shark Steam Mop – Which Is Best For Hardwood Floors?


When we moved into our new house recently, I was faced with the challenge of finding a way to keep all of these hardwood floors as beautiful and clean as they were the day we moved in.I have to be honest. We had hardwood floor in the kitchen and dining room of our old house, and we did not do a good job with those floors. We used harsh floor cleaners and waxy polishes, without thinking twice. After the first year, they never looked good again. They were also a softer oak floor (not laminate … [Read more...]

Leaf Blowers vs Leaf Rakes – Which Is Best & Why?

Wow, if this isn't a hot topic! No matter where you live, or how much you like your neighbors, the minute a neighbor fires up a noisy leaf blower, you're at their mercy and have to deal with the loud noise & air pollution.  Still, leaf blowers are commonly seen as the simpler, faster option when it comes to gathering leaves. But are they really more efficient than raking?...     … [Read more...]

Yard Aeration: How & When To Aerate Your Lawn


If your lawn has brittle little blades of grass rather than a thick plush surface, it may be suffering from compacted soil.This prevents the root system of your grass from penetrating and growing to its fullest potential. It also prevents water from penetrating through to the roots when the rains fall.The end result? Moisture runs off into the drainage ditch and your lawn misses out on the nourishment it needs to thrive and grow into a lush green lawn. Compressed soil makes it difficult … [Read more...]