White Wall Decor: 7 Temporary Decorating Solutions For Boring White Walls (Great For Renters!)


Renters (who aren't permitted to paint the walls) and homeowners (who want decorating alternatives that are only temporary) will appreciate the following white wall decor ideas. There's no time like the present to get yourself out of a decorating rut. And there's nothing worse than dealing with boring white walls! All of the following white wall decor ideas are perfect for renters and anyone who is slow to commit to a decorating scheme that's permanent.   … [Read more...]

Drywall Tools 101: How To Fix Drywall With Spackle vs Joint Compound


About to undertake a home improvement project that involves drywall? There are a bunch of different drywall tools to help make your  job easier. But if this is your very first DIY project that involves installing or replacing drywall, then your biggest question is probably which of these you should be using: Spackle (seen here, on the left); or Joint compound (seen here, on the right)      Generally, the term joint compound is used by those who, for whatever reason, feel … [Read more...]

Stylish Home Wallpaper Tips: Modern Wallpaper Designs + How To Hang Wallpaper Yourself


You may be wondering, "Who would even consider wallpapering in today's modern home?"  But, the fact is, many people do choose to use wallpaper as part of their home decorating scheme. And you know what? Wallpaper can actually look quite nice when selected and applied properly!   With today’s new peel and remove wallpaper, the old days of standing with a steamer and a scraper for days are pretty much over. If you haven’t looked at wallpaper in the past few years, … [Read more...]

Home Wallpaper Removal Tips That Work (…DON’T Paint Over It!)


As a fan of HGTV and DIY Network's many home remodeling and DIY shows, I have a bone to pick with the quality of workmanship sometimes displayed when they're operating on a low budget or within a limited timeframe. The most glaring exhibition of amateur craftsmanship they often make is to paint over existing wallpaper. This is just wrong for so many reasons! In fact, homeowners should immediately change channels when presented with such an extremely poor example. Leaving existing wallpaper in … [Read more...]

Painting Dilemma Solved: How To Store & Use Leftover Paint

No matter the size of your painting project, odds are you will have at least one partial container of paint left over when the job is done. If the paint was a special mix, then you'll probably want to keep that remaining paint in good condition. It could come in handy if you ever have to touch-up or re-paint a scratched or damaged wall in the future. The problem is no one wants to keep lots of cans of paint in their house. So, without thinking twice, leftover paint cans usually end up on a … [Read more...]

Recycling Trash 101: How To Dispose Of Things That Can’t Go In Curbside Recycling Or Your Regular Garbage


Before you go to throw something away at home, you need to know that there are lots of household items that cannot (or should not) be disposed of in your regular trash. Many things cannot even be recycled via your regular curbside recycling or in your county's recycling dumpsters. The following items pose a hazard to the environment and human well-being and, therefore, must be recycled in other ways. Usually, this means taking the item to a Household Hazardous Waste collection center in … [Read more...]

What Do Your Favorite Colors Say About You?

When I was researching some interesting color tools (that let you experiment with various paint colors and ultimately pick the right colors before painting each of your rooms) I came across this: Glidden's Online Color Test … [Read more...]

Top 10 Unique Uses For Blue Painter’s Tape


Masking tape... "although it isn't as popular as duct tape, most homes have at least one or two rolls around the house." Painter's tape... "has light, or weak, adhesive. The paper backing of the tape is easy to tear." In my opinion, blue painter's tape is utterly indispensable around the house! It's great because painters tape sticks to the surface, but leaves no sticky residue when it is removed. Alright, here we go... 10 unique uses for blue painter's tape! (Or any other color you … [Read more...]