White Wall Decor: 7 Temporary Decorating Solutions For Boring White Walls (Great For Renters!)

by Lynnette

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Renters (who aren’t permitted to paint the walls) and homeowners (who want decorating alternatives that are only temporary) will appreciate the following white wall decor ideas.

There’s no time like the present to get yourself out of a decorating rut. And there’s nothing worse than dealing with boring white walls!

All of the following white wall decor ideas are perfect for renters and anyone who is slow to commit to a decorating scheme that’s permanent.



White Wall Decor

Want to add some brighter colors and modern design on the walls to jazz up your living space?

Fortunately, there are a number of temporary alternatives you can use to cover white walls and provide some colorful and interesting decor to your space.

Following are some of the best DIY options for white wall decor

#1 – Temporary Wallpaper


Self-adhesive wallpaper comes in many colors, designs, and textures. It doesn’t require any glue or paste. It can be repositioned and used again. Design choices range from classic and elegant to fun and whimsical. Temporary wallpaper works best on smooth, clean surfaces.


#2 – Folding Screens


Folding screens — some are known as shoji screens — consist of 3 framed panels attached together with hinges. These are a great way to divide spaces and add color. You might set the screen up against a wall to add interest, color, and sophistication to a room. Better yet, interesting items can even be draped or hung from the top of the screen. Folding screens can be found to fit every budget. Depending on the style you choose, the panels themselves can be colorful, rustic, simple, or elaborate.


#3 – Mirrors


Framed mirrors of different shapes and sizes look great when arranged in a grouping. And they open up small spaces too — making a tiny room look bigger than it is! Use lightweight mirrors that are attached to the wall with thin hardware. That way, you can avoid having to do a lot of patching of holes when you move.


#4 – Shelving


By hanging a shelf or two on a white wall, you’re able to add objects of various shapes, sizes, and colors on the shelves to bring dimension and decor to a room. One great idea is to put a mirror or two on a shelf (leaning up against the wall), then place colorful and/or reflective items on the same shelf. You could also add small plants on the shelves to bring green color and ‘life’ into the room.


#4 – Starched Fabric Wall Covering

fabric wallpaper

Choose a lightweight fabric, apply some liquid starch to the back of the fabric, and attach it directly to the wall. You can use a whole piece of fabric or cut it into pieces to make a framed collage. This type of wall covering is easily removed. After removal, just wash the wall well.


#5 – 3D Wall Panels


Dramatic effects can be achieved by adding 3-D wall panels on an entire wall, or just a partial wall. Available in lots of fun designs and colors, 3D wall panels can usually be painted as well. They bring a very stylish look to any room.


#6 – Self-Adhesive Wall Decals


Decorative wall decals are a they’re a fun way to decorate your walls. Decals add instant color and style to a room — while giving you an outlet to show your personality. Since they have an adhesive backing, they can be repositioned and easily removed. Decals come in fabric or vinyl and include themes & designs in shapes that can be put together on a wall, sometimes forming a picture. If you want to add a little whimsy and fun to the room and take your white wall decor to a whole new level, you could add a ‘window’ in the room — where there wasn’t one before! This lifesize window and clouds peel & stick wall decal is available in 3 different sizes to match the size of your room and/or existing window sizes.


#7 – Canvas Wall Art

canvas-wall-art  canvas-wall-art-and-wall-decals

Another type of temporary wall decor is a wall canvas or canvas wall art. The colors are typically very vibrant and noticeable — perfect on the backdrop of a plain white wall! These can be purchased as single pieces, or as sets of 2, 3, or even 4 coordinating canvas pieces.


Other Unique White Wall Decor Ideas

Here are a few more great ideas worth considering:

So… even though most renters can’t give their rental apartments a homey, comfortable atmosphere by painting the walls a color of your choice, there are lots of fun alternatives you can use to decorate white walls to reflect your own taste and individuality.

Each of the above ideas brings a temporary pop of color and design, and most can be used over again when you move.

And if you own your own home, but you’re indecisive and don’t want to commit just yet to a specific design style, then these temporary decorating ideas are a lifesaver!

Have you found another great way to give your space a homey atmosphere despite the white walls?…