What Do Your Favorite Colors Say About You?

by Lynnette


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When I was researching some interesting color tools (that let you experiment with various paint colors and ultimately pick the right colors before painting each of your rooms) I came across this:

Glidden’s Online Color Test 


Yeah, it seems there’s a “test” for practically everything under the sun these days.

What’s interesting is the way they try “read” into your personality and lifestyle based on…

Try Glidden’s Online Color Test

What this test revealed about me: (pretty accurate, too)
I have a strong desire for rewarding relationships.
Willing to work hard and meet whatever goals I’ve set for myself.

Enjoy others complementing my progress & feel threatened when they don’t.

Like to turn challenging situations into personally rewarding experiences.

Peace is my motto… avoiding disagreement and controversy at all times.

Pssst… I did the test again, trying to “fudge” the results. I was wondering if I’d happen to get some generic results that would still apply. Nope. The answers I got this time did not at all match my personality. So maybe it’s more accurate than I initially thought!