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I keep plastic shopping bags rolled together in self-dispensing bundles. I'm going to show you how to roll plastic bags so you can pull 1 bag out at a time.

I got a Little Tikes toddler outdoor climber for FREE - it just needed some TLC. Here's how to paint plastic outdoor play sets + My tips for this DIY project.

Cansealid is a better paint can lid. My review of the reusable, air-tight, no mess, stain-resistant, heat-resistant, easy open/close, stackable paint can lids

Got boring white walls? Renters who can't paint the walls and homeowners who want temporary decorating options will appreciate these white wall decor ideas.


Installing or replacing drywall? Do you know which one to use - spackle vs joint compound? Here's how to fix drywall using each of those 2 materials.

Here are the best modern home wallpapering tips for the do-it-yourself who has a sense of style!

There are far better options than painting over wallpaper. Here's how to remove stubborn wallpaper yourself.

Here are the best ways to store paint so you can actually reuse what's leftover at some point.

The following items pose a hazard to the environment and human well-being and, therefore, must be recycled in other ways. Usually, this means taking the item to a Household Hazardous Waste collection center in your community. Extra precautions should be taken when disposing of these items.