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Buying a home warranty or appliance warranty to protect the systems & appliances in your house? Our friends rave about theirs! I've listed the pros & cons.


Things to think about when building an attached garage vs an unattached garage. Plus ideas for finishing your garage & choosing the best organization system for all your stuff.

Here's what you need to know if you're thinking of hiring a handyman for household repairs.

What's the best DIY home improvement project that costs least, increases a home's value most and has the greatest return on investment? Answer: cleaning & decluttering! See what the other 11 are.

Most power strip surge protectors provide the minimum level of protection for everyday household items. But is that really enough protection for your home electronics and appliances? Are power strips the best way to protect your things from lightning strikes and sudden jolts of electricity? The fact is, you might want to consider a whole house surge protector. Here's why.

Before you buy a portable space heater, there are some things that you should know about electric space heaters, radiant space heaters, convection space heaters, and the differences between vented and unvented space heaters.

Here's some inside scoop about the ThermoSpa hot tub delivery process. It wasn't exactly as we thought it would be. That doesn't mean it was a 'bad' experience -- just different than we initially thought.