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Home Security

We received the most wonderful housewarming gift for our new home: a Ring Video Doorbell! Here's what I like best about the Ring WiFi Doorbell.

Here are the pros and cons of home security systems. Plus, a few statistics about home burglaries and security systems for home protection.

Should you buy a house or rent one? The hidden costs of home ownership were eye-opening to me when I bought my first home. Read this before buying a home.

If you're a renter, a single parent, or a recent victim of a burglary, here are some extra precautions that you MUST take to avoid being targeted by burglars.

There's a home burglary every 15 seconds. 60% of burglaries take place while the home is occupied. Here are the best DIY home security things you can do yourself to stay safe.

What's the REAL difference between photoelectric and ionization smoke detectors? And how can you tell which one you have?