Ring Video Doorbell Review: Our Ring WiFi Doorbell Turned Out To Be A Simple And Affordable Home Security System!

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By Candida

We moved to 3 different cities last year and finally landed at our current residence in East Tennessee.

I was still pregnant with our baby when we moved out of our Ohio home and into our Tennessee home. I took full advantage of all those crazy nesting hormones to get the new house ready for baby’s arrival. (I never had so much energy to complete items on the to do list.)

Shortly after we moved in, we received the most wonderful housewarming gift for our new home: the Ring Video Doorbell!

my ring video doorbell review

Here’s what I like best about the Ring WiFi Doorbell…

My Ring Video Doorbell Review

The Ring WiFi Doorbell was an easy security addition to our home — and it came at such a perfect time with our first baby on the way!

It’s still amazing to me how many people have not heard of this front door monitor. I think it would make a great gift for any new mom or homeowner.

New mom and baby feel safe at home alone with the Ring WiFi Doorbell

Why A Video Doorbell Is Better Than A Traditional Doorbell

The Ring WiFi Doorbell turns your existing ordinary doorbell into a new extraordinary doorbell.

It looks just like a regular doorbell, but it gives you the ability to watch over your home from anywhere — because you get to see the video and hear the sound as it is streamed over WiFi or the Internet!

The picture is so clear in Ring doorbell photos and videos!

What About The Installation?

It took my husband a bit to install, because he hard-wired it.

But once we downloaded the Ring Doorbell app to our devices, the Ring Video Doorbell worked instantly!

There is a battery option too… for an even faster install.

Ring Is A Simple Home Security System

Thanks to the Ring Video Doorbell, we can now see, hear, and speak to visitors from anywhere — whether we’re inside the home, in our backyard, in town running errands, or out of town completely.

This convenient sense of security was really important to us as a family.

With me being a new mom, I was going to be mostly at home alone with our new baby, while my husband went to work during the day.

With the Ring WiFi Doorbell, my husband and I have peace of mind — because we both receive instant mobile alerts (with sound and HD video) anytime the Ring Doorbell Camera senses motion at our door.

My baby posing in front of the Ring Video Doorbell

The Ring Video Doorbell Lets You Interact With Visitors Live… Virtually

With the 2-way talk, I never have to go to the door to answer unsolicited doorbell rings — which is especially great if I’m nursing the baby or just getting out of the shower.

My husband and I can both virtually answer the door from anywhere using our smartphone, iPad and/or PC.

Ring also allows you to set up and monitor multiple devices — as an alternative for a home security system solution. You simply add more Ring Stick Up Cams around your house.

In this video, you can see exactly how the Ring WiFi Doorbell works:

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The Ring Video Doorbell is the best wifi doorbell + home security in one!