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Is fabric softener necessary? Does it work? Is it bad for you, your clothes, or your dryer? The truth about fabric softeners & dryer sheets - myths debunked

I make dryer lint fire starters a little differently than others. See how I make DIY fire starters with dryer lint, tealight candles, and toilet paper tubes

Battery storage is important because if battery terminals touch, it could start a fire. Definitely don’t store 9v batteries loosely in drawers or in bags!

There are all sorts of things you can burn in your chiminea or fireplace that will give off wonderful aromas. And the best part: many of them are items you can find right in your home or in your backyard! Here's how to make your own fire fragrance for your fireplace or chiminea.

Clothes taking a long time to dry in your clothes dryer? There may be a buildup of lint that you cannot reach. Here's what you need to do today to make your clothes dryer run more efficiently AND prevent a fire in your clothes dryer at the same time!

What's the REAL difference between photoelectric and ionization smoke detectors? And how can you tell which one you have?