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Plastic Bags

I keep plastic shopping bags rolled together in self-dispensing bundles. I'm going to show you how to roll plastic bags so you can pull 1 bag out at a time.

I've had lots of great garage sales. I recently had my most successful yard sale ever. Made over $1,000! Here are 101 of my best yard sale tips... for FREE.

Lotus Trolley Bags are larger, sturdier, and more durable than most reusable shopping bags. See the 16 reasons I ditched my other reusable grocery bags and only use Lotus totes for grocery shopping now!

Packing to move into a new house soon? I've moved... a lot! And I've got some clever tips when packing boxes for your move that will help you save time and stay organized!

All about garage sale cash. How to easily make change with your shoppers. How much loose change to get. How to organize your money & keep it safe during the garage sale.

Battery storage is important because if battery terminals touch, it could start a fire. Definitely don’t store 9v batteries loosely in drawers or in bags!

Here's everything you need to know in order to make out like a bandit and find the best bargains at yard sales!

The following items pose a hazard to the environment and human well-being and, therefore, must be recycled in other ways. Usually, this means taking the item to a Household Hazardous Waste collection center in your community. Extra precautions should be taken when disposing of these items.

How to find the best bargains at garage sales! Free online yard sale maps to help you plan your route, how to get the lowest prices, and how to haggle.