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The Scrub Daddy sponge, a popular smiley face scrubber, gets SOFT in hot water, HARD in cold water. Plus it doesn't hold onto food & odors. Lots of fun uses for this kitchen sponge!


I used to spend a fortune Dawn dishwashing foaming soap dispensers. Now I refill those pump bottles with my own homemade foaming soap! Here's how to make foaming soap

The following items pose a hazard to the environment and human well-being and, therefore, must be recycled in other ways. Usually, this means taking the item to a Household Hazardous Waste collection center in your community. Extra precautions should be taken when disposing of these items.

Following are some of the more unusual things that you can indeed recycle that you may not have thought of, plus some tips for where to recycle such items.

Don't recycle your plastic bottles with the lids on them! Here's why...

These screw-on lids fit on most any bottle (lotion, ketchup, shampoo, etc.) making it possible to store the bottle upside down and dispense the product a little at a time from the flip-up lid. It's great for products that don't come in their own upside down bottle with a flip-top lid.