5 Creative Ways To Sell Your House Fast!

As a homeowner, you have to get creative about the ways you attempt to sell your home, since homes aren’t selling very fast on their own these days. Here are some creative ways to sell your house fast.

Another Use For Yard Sticks From Lawn Care Professionals

I finally found a creative use for all those little yard post signs left behind by lawn care companies! Use them as yard sale signs to show prices for large items at a garage sale, or next to groups of similar items like books, tools, toys, etc.

Yard Sale Advice: What To Do With Leftover Garage Sale Items

Here are some great ideas for what to do with all of the unsold items at your yard sale or garage sale. Briefly: donate, sell online, give away for free, save for next garage sale, keep and enjoy. Some options: eBay, Freecycle, Craigslist, Goodwill, Salvation Army, or friends & relatives.

What Are The Hottest Yard Sale Items? What Sells Best?

What to men typically buy at garage sales? What unusual bargains are women looking for? What about teens? Here are some yard sale trends that I’ve noticed. Perhaps you can use this information to your advantage at your next yard sale.

Tips For Pricing Yard Sale Items

Here are some great tips for how to price yard sale items — both ahead of time, and on-site during your garage sale. Plus, how you can find the true value for any item, so you know how much to ask for your yard sale items.