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How To Make Creative Yard Sale Signs That Attract Attention & Really Work!

In addition to neighborhood and directional signs which tell people how to FIND your yard sale, you'll also want to hang a number of signs on-site at the yard sale itself. This will make it easier for people to find the prices AND locate similar items by 'theme'. Here are some tips for making both types of yard sale signs -- neighborhood & road signs, and price & description signs.

How To Prepare For A Yard Sale: 5 Things You Need To Do NOW!

I generally take about 2 months to leisurely put together everything I want to sell in my next yard sale. During this time, I'm also doing a bit of spring cleaning while purging all items we no longer wear or use. I tend to group items together by 'theme' and I start pricing items and printing out my signs at this point too. Here are some beginner tips for having a garage sale...