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Once You Try Candleberry Candles, You’ll Never Burn Any Other Candle!

I’m sure you’ve probably heard of Yankee candles (and I admit, their scents are pretty good), but have you ever heard of Candleberry candles?

My very first Candleberry candle scent - Hot Maple Toddy.

I can tell you this… once you try a Candleberry candle, you’ll never want to burn any other type of candles again!

There’s just no comparison. Candleberry has the most long lasting scented candles and the absolute best scented candles in the world!

I’ve been a candle fanatic for years — often buying them as gifts for my friends and always happy to receive one as a gift as well.

But it wasn’t until I tried a Candleberry candle that I discovered just how “average” most scented candles are. No joke. Candleberry is the only company I’ve found that makes scented candles that truly last… and the scent fills the entire house.

The scent is very rich and fresh — and it lingers long after you blow the candle out.

I’ve noticed that Candleberry candles are usually the same price (or less than!) Yankee candles — though they are slightly harder to come by.

Other than ordering directly through their website or Amazon online, you’ll only find Candleberry candles in small specialty shops — like those that carry unique crafts and handmade items.


My First Candleberry Candle: Hot Maple Toddy

That’s how I first discovered Candleberry candles.

My friend purchased one for me as a housewarming gift. She got it from a tiny, eclectic boutique in a little town in Indiana that few have ever heard of. From the moment I first burned that Candleberry candle, I was hooked!

The scent is a favorite among Candleberry enthusiasts: Hot Maple Toddy.

Maple honey. Grandma used to cure all ailments with her special cup of warm spirits dashed with lemon juice. The best part was the spoonful of maple honey. And does this candle ever cure your senses! Get ready for the best candle ever. ~Candleberry

Now, if you’re like me, you don’t give 2 hoots about drinking hot drinks during the cold winter months… or maple syrup (or even the scent of it, for that matter)… or hot toddies. But I can assure you… this is still the most yummy candle scent you will ever smell!

I burn it for a couple hours at a time, several days a week. Without fail.

It’s a very fresh and welcoming scent — which is great if you’re going to have friends over in a few minutes.

There’s no better way to make your entire home smell warm and welcoming. If you ask me, most of the air fresheners that you find in department stores tend to have artificial (and chemical) undertones in their scents. Candleberry candles blow those types of air fresheners away!


My Favorite Candleberry Candle: Kentucky Bourbon

A few months after I received that first Candleberry candle, I happened upon another Candleberry scent — purely by accident. I wasn’t looking for it. In fact, I hadn’t even spent any time researching where to buy Candleberry candles yet. So I think it’s really cool how Candleberry candles “found” me…

My husband and I were enjoying a leisurely trip along the Bourbon Trail. It’s a well-known route through Kentucky where you drive your own vehicle and visit bourbon distilleries along the way — at your own pace.

Our 'passports' from completing the Kentucky Bourbon Trail - visited 6 bourbon distilleries in 3 days

Would you believe the very first thing I came across in the first souvenir shop was a Candleberry candle that was scented like Kentucky Bourbon?! No joke. The scent was to die for!

Turns out, Candleberry is based out of Frankfort, Kentucky. Hence, their fondness for great things found in Kentucky.

As we went from distillery to distillery (there were 6 in all) and from souvenir shop to souvenir shop, we noticed that every single one of them was burning a bourbon-scented candle.

Of course, this made perfect sense for bourbon distilleries. And of course, they all sold the bourbon-scented candles with their own brand on the label (even though the candles were all identical in terms of their aroma).

Bourbon distillers such as Wild Turkey, Jim Beam and Jack Daniels carry our Kentucky Bourbon flavor in their gift shops in one form or another. The scent includes caramel, vanilla, and just a touch of seasoning from the barrels used to age Bourbon. Totally intoxicating but legal. ~Candleberry

The one we purchased on the Bourbon Trail was a Wild Turkey bourbon candle. Even hubby likes the scent of this Candleberry candle! It really is awesome.


When it burns out, I’ll be re-ordering the Kentucky Bourbon candle from Candleberry (…by the caseloads).

They actually have several bourbon varieties to choose from — including this adorable and affordable Buffalo Trace Bourbon Rocks glass candle.

UPDATE: These are the alcohol-scented candles that I’ve got right now:

Alcohol-scented candles including my all-time favorite Candleberry candle!


The Bottom Line…

I still believe that Candleberry makes the most long lasting scented candles and the best scented candles, too. I just wish that Candleberry candles made soy candles — simply for the fact that soy candles burn cleaner and are healthier (for you, your pets, and the environment).

But I’m definitely content for the time being. I love the scent that comes from Candleberry candles!

Oh, and I also like how Candleberry candles come with a rustic-looking black metal lid. The best part is it can be used as a candle snuffer! Just place the lid back on the candle and the flame goes out right away. No separate snuffer needed. No mess either.

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Candleberry Candles have the longest lasting scent, and their whiskey and bourbon alcohol scented candles are to DIE for!