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Fun With Furniture Made Out Of Cardboard

Check out this global design challenge…

The mission: “to create a cost-effective, collapsible piece of furniture and ship it to New York inside a large FedEx box within 90 days of receipt of the project brief.”

BUDGET: could not exceed $200.
EACH DESIGN: must support the weight of a person up to 200 lbs.
CONCISE INSTRUCTIONS: must accompany the design in order to assemble it for exhibition.

DIY Cardboard Furniture… Try It Yourself!

Take A Cardboard Carpentry Class
The Adaptive Design Association teaches people like you and me the basics of cardboard carpentry!

Fun With Mac Computer Boxes
Andrew Dusing has made things like chairs, tables and other furniture out of dozen Apple boxes and their Styrofoam inserts.

The FedEx Furniture Guy
This was an interesting story… when it was hitting the news every night. Jose (aka The FedEx Furniture Guy) had quite a battle on his hands when FedEx didn’t approve of him using their boxes to make furniture for his apartment. (Here is Jose’s story, giving us a behind-the-scenes perspective of what went down.)