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Avoid the biggest DIY rain barrel mistakes! How to keep mosquitoes out. How to prevent algae. How to fix a smelly rain barrel. How to winterize a rain barrel

Roof has black streaks on asphalt shingles? Or a green mossy growth? You've got roof mold or algae. Why it grows + How to remove black streaks from a roof.

The best gutter guards keep gutters from clogging with leaves, water & debris. But not everyone agrees that gutter covers are worth the cost, time & effort to install. Here are gutter guard reviews to help you decide.

Before you buy a new house, you need to do a roof inspection and look closely at the gutters. Here's what to look for NOW to avoid costly repairs LATER!

Snow & ice can wreak havoc on your house gutters. See how to strengthen gutters to withstand even the harshest winter storms. No more ice dams & roof melt!

Buying a home warranty or appliance warranty to protect the systems & appliances in your house? Our friends rave about theirs! I've listed the pros & cons.

I spoke with the inventor of the gutter guard micromesh technology used in Mastershield gutter guard & Leaf Filter gutter protection. Micro mesh gutter guards rock!

Here is a list of the best gutter cleaning tools that make this household chore even easier. photo by by NathanReed on Flickr

If you're tired of climbing a ladder to clean gutters, here are a variety of other tools and products that will make cleaning your gutters easier than ever before!

Here's what you need to know if you're thinking of hiring a handyman for household repairs.