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Raking Leaves

The best gutter guards keep gutters from clogging with leaves, water & debris. But not everyone agrees that gutter covers are worth the cost, time & effort to install. Here are gutter guard reviews to help you decide.

I've been gardening for years and couldn't survive without these 7 handy garden tools. Here's what they are & what they cost. Info every beginning gardener needs!

I spoke with the inventor of the gutter guard micromesh technology used in Mastershield gutter guard & Leaf Filter gutter protection. Micro mesh gutter guards rock!

Here is a list of the best gutter cleaning tools that make this household chore even easier. photo by by NathanReed on Flickr

If you're tired of climbing a ladder to clean gutters, here are a variety of other tools and products that will make cleaning your gutters easier than ever before!

The garden wheelbarrow is much more than just a 1-wheel utility cart! Wheelbarrows have been beefed up, souped up, and even powered to take care of all your needs when doing projects around the house. Here are some things you can do with wheelbarrows that you might not think of.

No matter where you live, or how much you like your neighbors, the minute a neighbor fires up a noisy leaf blower, you're at their mercy and have to deal with the loud noise & air pollution. Still, leaf blowers are commonly seen as the simpler, faster option when it comes to gathering leaves. But are they really more efficient than raking?...

There are so many things that need to get done around the house before the snow starts falling. This list of reminders will help you get a head start on your fall chores...

Great tips to make raking leaves and other yard debris even easier. These are things I bet most people wouldn't even think of...