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The Fastest Way To Iron A Shirt

I learned something about myself this morning…

Here's the fastest way to iron a shirt.

…and it’s wrong on so many levels!

Lynnette... age 4... proud as can be with a new ironing playset on Christmas morning.I am perfectly content to get the wrinkles out of my cotton shirt (by holding a blow-dryer on the wrinkly spots WHILE I’m wearing it) rather than take the time to press with an iron.

And we’re talking a shirt for WORK here… not just something I threw on to go run errands!

Creative Laziness?
It just seemed easier this morning when I was blow-drying my hair, and I noticed my far-too-wrinkly shirt needed ironing. But who has the time???

So I just moved the blow dryer a few inches lower, and the wrinkles came right out! (…so long as I stretched the shirt at the same time I was applying the heat)

…Laziness, taken to a whole new level?

That, or multi-tasking at its finest.