Sorbus Hanging Daybed Swing Review: A Kid-Friendly Family-Style Hammock Swing Chair For Indoor/Outdoor Use

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By Candida

In my previous DIY tree swing tutorial, I promised to give an update on the Sorbus Hanging Daybed Swing / Hammock Swing Chair that I also bought.

I’ve waited until now simply because wanted to make sure we had enough time to try it out for awhile — so I could provide an honest review.

In my opinion, the Sorbus saucer daybed is a must-have lounge swing that can really be used in almost any outdoor setting — as long as you have the proper overhead support.

First Impression

I ordered this tree swing from Amazon, after discovering my DIY trampoline swing just wasn’t big enough for my son and I to lounge on together.

When the Sorbus hammock swing arrived, I was hopeful for it to be the perfect solution for an outdoor relaxation swing — despite the mixed reviews I had read prior to purchasing it.

I chose the green colored swing — because I knew the white one wouldn’t stand a chance against stains with the red clay and mud in our yard. (See photo below.)

Some Assembly Required

The hammock swing chair swing required some assembly, but it came together real quick with the easy-to-follow instructions.
The steel circular frame pieces link together and are held in place with the provided screws.
The fabric part has a zipper opening that runs along one-half of the side. The circular frame slips easily into the zippered fabric cover. The instructions don’t specify if the zipper should lay on the top or bottom — so I made an executive decision and placed the zipper on the top side. This allows the rope support sides to envelope the zipper closure up the side, while reducing any strain on the zipper.
The Sorbus swing comes ready to hang — but it doesn’t come with the hanging hardware. I happened to have an eye hook with a chain already installed on our tree from our previous hammock.

What I Like Best About The Sorbus Hammock Swing

This hammock swing is so versatile. Once you try a hanging daybed swing, you’ll be thinking about everywhere else you might want to lounge around on one of these! Plus, it can be used indoors or outdoors. For example… on the patio, the front porch, at your campsite, or wherever your heart desires. (Which will be a lot of places after you try your first daybed swing!)

This saucer style daybed swing is quite spacious and big enough for my son and I to lounge on together — during those lazy afternoons and early evenings.

It even comes with an extra-long matching pillow (it’s 39 inches long and 4 inches thick!) for additional head support during those afternoon siestas.

I really love the fact that we can use this swing almost anywhere by hanging it on a sturdy overhanging tree or support — using simple hammock straps and a heavy-duty carabiner.

I show you how to hang it in my video:

Sorbus Daybed Swing Features

Here are some of the key features — to help you determine if this is the right hammock swing for you:

  • Can be disassembled easily too — so you can take it with you on a camping trip, to the park, your vacation home, the beach… the possibilities are endless.
  • I leave our outdoor daybed swing assembled and hanging most of the time. Sometimes I will take it down if there happens to be a lot of rain in the forecast — but even then, I leave it assembled because it’s really lightweight and easy to carry. (I use a simple utility hook for easy storage in the garage against the wall.)
  • The fabric is heavy duty and made of 100% cotton. It also has extra stitching on what I presume is the bottom side — for extra reinforcement.
  • NOTE: The fabric is not waterproof or fade-resistant — and it’s only hand-washable. Our hammock swing has become quite dirty since we leave it hanging all the time. I’ll be tempted to throw it into a laundry net bag and wash it on the delicate cycle soon (definitely by the end of the summer season). Hopefully, it will hold up!
  • The circular steel frame has a 264-pound weight capacity and easily supports my husband. You will want to make sure your mounting hardware or mounting system will also support this weight.
  • This hammock swing chair measures approximately 56 inches across — which doesn’t allow an average adult to stretch out entirely. But there’s plenty of room for a child and adult to curl up on together. And it’s a great size for a child to enjoy all alone — with room to play with toys, and room to lounge in solitude.
  • It’s approximately 46 inches from the base of the swing to the top of ropes. I generally keep the swing approximately 2 to 3 feet above the ground — so my son can easily climb on by himself.

The Bottom Line

Despite the fact that there are mixed reviews on Amazon, I think there is great value in this hammock swing — especially when it is priced under $60.

TIP: I’ve seen the price for this exact swing fluctuate practically overnight on Amazon. I got it for under $60, but I’ve seen it priced as high as $200. If you keep the item in your Amazon cart (under “saved for later”), Amazon will notify you if the price has changed the next time you check your cart.

I can picture this hanging daybed swing on a front porch, in a play room or anywhere else you can imagine indoor/outdoor lounging.

My son and I enjoy every moment of leisure time on this swing, and my husband enjoys it every once in awhile too.

I actually have my DIY trampoline swing and this hammock swing hanging on the same tree. My son and I both enjoy spending moments of the day on either of these tree swings.

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